Live love survive

It's been two years since the zombie apocalypse started. We would see them on the news but we didn't believe it. It wasn't that bad. Then these rotting monster things started to appear. They were eating people. Sofia will survive this outbreak. Won't she?


2. the beginning

Sofia's POV.

We were on the highway. After about an hour we stopped. We were searching for supplies. Jess,Alexa and daddy you guys look for good and water just incase.liv and mommy lets go look for weapons. Ok they all answered. Try not to go to far. Liv was looking around in some of the cars with the shot walkers. All we found were eight ammo packs, a .22 caliber rifle and 3 loaded pistols. We found a small clearing in the road so my dad drove through. Hey Sofia! Liv said. What? I answered. I found and rv! Hey everyone Liv found and rv! I said. We look around and we found in the bathroom 3 full gas containers. We got them in the car and were about to leave when a man ran up to is holding a baby girl in his arms along with a stuffed cat. We noticed he was bit. When he got to us and told us that there was a huge herd about a mile away. He also said that he was bit and said that the baby's name was Melody and that he would have to give us her. Ok my parents agreed. I took the sleeping baby and gave us a stuffed cat and what looked like a family picture. Before he left he said he would try to distract the walkers. He gave the baby a kiss then ran off. Now we have a new member of the family I guess.

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