Live love survive

It's been two years since the zombie apocalypse started. We would see them on the news but we didn't believe it. It wasn't that bad. Then these rotting monster things started to appear. They were eating people. Sofia will survive this outbreak. Won't she?


1. introduction

My family and I were finished packing. My best friends were too. We got to the car as I remembered something. The food! We ran in the house and got it all. While they did that I grabbed all of the pictures and photo albums I could find. Then I grabbed my stuffed penguin and ran out the door. I got in the car. Liv and Jess brought some of the same things as me except Liv bright some extra things like ballet shoes and a field hockey stick. Jess brought her field hockey stock and her puppy, Heidi, which we allowed her to bring because the puppy is small,doesn't eat much, and was born without vocal cords so she isn't loud.were off.

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