Finding Me With You

Sorry I already made one if these but it got erased and I am re doing it completely! Please read!!! :D

Kennedy Teasdale is Lou Teasdale sister. She graduated a year ago and doesn't know what to do with her life. Trying to find herself is very hard with lots of drama.


1. ch.1

Kennedy's POV

I was sleeping peacefully when my annoying brother decided to put ice water on my head!!!!! "What the heck Jacob?!?!" "What?? I wanted to give you a goodbye present before you left!" "What are you talking about?!" But he was gone. I looked around my room. "No,no,no,no!" I ran to my closet and saw suitcases with clothes in them. My mom walked in smiling! HOW CAN SHE SMILE?!?!?! "Hi honey! Ready to go??"

"Already??" "Yeah." "Wait where?!" "Uh to your sister Lou's. Your moving in with her! You graduated a year ago and don't have a job. I just don't know what to do with you!" "Whatever. Movies packed!?" "Yes. Everything that belong to you is packed. "Ok." "What to go right now??" "Sure." I grabbed my suitcases and walked out of my room. I sighed loudly and closed the door to my room.

I was about to climb into the car but I got a call. I held my pointer finger at my mom signaling just a second. "Hello? Who is this??" "Kennedy?? Hi this is Lou! Your sister!" "Oh my gosh! Hi! How hae you been?!" "Great! I will see you in a few hours! Right?" "Totally!!" "Greta! All the boys are excited!!" "Haha! Boys?" "One direction." "Ohhhhh okay!" "Well I have to go! Bye Kennedy! See you in a few!" "You too!!" Then I climbed in and buckled up " You ready Kenney?" "Yep!" I breathed out.

Sorry this was short!!! I was bored and yeah. So bye!!!! Promise next one will be longer!!! Thanks for reading!! :D -LittleLeprechaun

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