Being their missing angel



4. Waking with amnesia



They kept saying I had amnesia. I couldn't remember lots' of things. The boys kept showing me videos and pictures of me and them. One of them called 'Michael' explained that I had tried to kill myself 9 months ago. He told me that he was eager to be my boyfriend, and that as soon as I remember my past, he'd make his move. Then, there's Calum, Ashton and Luke. They're desperate to make me remember. They told me I'm Luke's little sister, and that their famous and so am I. Apparently, I used to date Ashton, then I dated a boy called Niall.


They informed me that Niall is trouble and that he's a dad-to-be now. Also, they said that I then fell in love with Michael, lost my virginity and a few days after that, I tried to take my life away. 

Calum said that I was a YouTuber that was also a singer. Luke told me that my parents are Liz and Stuart Hemmings.And my brothers are Ben and Jack Hemmings, also Luke is my brother apparently. They showed me my YouTube videos, that brought back some of my memory. Some. Not much, though, That actually hurts me because they're trying so hard trying to make me remember my old life. Yet, I only get a spark of memory, not full memorys. 


"Mr. Clifford, Emma is progressing more than most amnesia patients would 9 hours after waking up out a coma," Some doctor told Michael. Michael nodded, showing that the doctor can continue. "If you all could bring more videos and photos' in and tell her stories of before, we believe it would boost her memory up." He said before walking away. 

Michael smiled and took my hand. I felt like a stranger was holding my hand, I just stared blankly at him. "Uh, when you were 14. I was 16. Uh, you managed to get in the same class as me because you were like, super smart. Y-You still are. Urh, anyways, we sat next to each other and started talking about Luke's weirdness. Then, Luke ended up to be behind us and then we had to spend a month slaving after him," He chuckled. I smiled slightly. 


I actually found Michael good looking. Calum sat down beside me. "Remember this, Emma?" He played a YouTube video of me, him and Michael playing kill, bang, marry. I laughed my head off at that. 


"Emma, Cal,I give you guys Ariana Grande, me, and Jay Brooks. What would you do?" Michael asked in the video. 

"Hmmm. That's a thoughy, Mikey. But, I'd kill Ariana Grande, bang Jay Brooks and marry you. No-wait yeah," I smiled. My hair was blue in the video. Michael blushed. I was looking at him starry-eyed. 

"Oh, I got one for you guys. Me, Kylie or....Hmmm....Demi Lavato?" I smirked at them. 

"Well. I would Kill Kylie and Demi. Because I don't wanna get in their pants. Then, I would bang and marry you," Cal winked. I blushed beet. 

"Ditto," Michael smiled staring at me in awe. 


Calum paused the video. "Do you remember any past with me and the others now?" He asked. 


"Sorta,". I stood up and sat beside my brother. 


"Hey, Luke. I can remember you. You're 18 now, and I'm 17 now. I remember your band name, our parents and brothers. I remember our old dog Dean. That makes me remember some memories with the boys. I guess. Uh, I love you Luke." I wraped my arms around him.

"I've missed you, Em," He smiled.


Michael's P.O.V.


She hugged Luke. She said 'I love you', I want to hear her say those words to me. In a non-platonic way. I love her. I want to have her as my life. I want to get her pregnant. I want her name tattooed on my body one day. I'm in love with her, but she isn't in love with me. 

"Mike? Is it okay if you go away from Emma until we get her to remember you. Maybe letters, pictures, videos and phone calls will get her to remember you. She'll end up missing you, then she'll remember," Calum told me. 


"How do you know that would work?" 

"Because, it's Emma. When we were younger and had to stay at her Aunt Lidia's house, she kept crying because she missed us all too much. It'll work," He explained. I sighed. 

"Alright. If this doesn't work though....I might as well die." I mumbled. Calum knew if this plan didn't work. 5SOS would be at a end. 


I walked away to the door. "Bye guys," I said. Emma came up to me. 

"I wish I could know who you are," She whispered. I just wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. 

"I'll miss you. But I'm doing this for us. I'm doing this for our future, just remember, I'm a phone call away if you need me," I told her. Walking out the room. 

She stepped out her room. "Bye," I just kept walking. I knew if I looked back I'd be stuck in that room for too much of a long time. I just hope to god that this plan will fucking work. 

I'm already stuck in a stupid rut...

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