Every day of my life.

Lucy. The geek. The one who sits in the library because she likes it! the one who is kicked. Shoved. Her food thrown at her. Her glasses snapped. her teeth punched in. Who did this? Why? She is having suicidal thoughts. Will she go through with it?


3. Wednesday.

I woke up and remembered last nights events. I got up a few minutes later and changed my uniform. I logged onto my facebook page and it just made me feel worse. 




Those words stuck in my mind even as I walked to school. I turned ed sheeran up as high as my phone would let me but the phrases, sayings, synonyms, homophones, all stuck in my head. I pushed my glasses further up my nose and traced my brace round my teeth. All i was wondering was if this was going to happen everyday of my life. I reached school and I was early (as always) I straightened my blazer, Kilt, shirt and jumper and walked into class. I was surprised to see someone actually here this early and actually sitting in the seat next to mine. I sat down and started doing some revision for the test that was in 5th period.  I looked to the side of me and he was there. Digging lines in the table with a compass. Great. Another dumb head with no life who bullies people. People like me. Harry and Toby strolled in late and sat next to the 'new boy' We walked to first period but

 i didn't make it there. Harry shoved he in a locker and kicked me. Shoved me. Tore my shirt off me and took it with him as he closed the door to my locker yet again.



When I got home I went upstairs to the attic. I opened the french doors and stood on the balcony. I climbed up on the railing and jumped out into the air. As i fell i felt a release in my feelings. As i was a few metres from the pavement below I was caught. Great it was 'new boy' He put me down and went next door. Great. As well as being my 'mystery hero' he was also my new neighbour...


I woke and In my room was Harry and Toby. I put my glasses on and looked at them. They were looking slyly at me as they came closer I fell off my bed which made it easier to grab me

"What's whitehead doing now huh?" he spat in my face. he laid me on my bed and lied on top of me. I leaned down and felt under my bed for my file. I grabbed it and whacked him over the head with it. I went up to the attic and jumped again. My 'mystery hero' showed up yet again and saved me.

"you've got to stop doing that you know" he said to me

"why!!? I hate life." i muttered.

"you really shouldn't" and with that he put me down and went off with Toby. The only one of them i hadn't attacked yet.



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