The Worlds

Growing up we all heard stories about heaven and hell but most imagined they were just that, stories. Did you ever imagine you would live to find the truth? Good and evil are labels but what if some evil was good and some good seemed evil?


1. Destinations

Life changes once you die and it's never the same. You either become cold and dark eventually forgetting the warmth of life or you see light and spend eternity with happiness and clarity.

Growing up we all heard stories about heaven and hell but most imagined they were just that, stories. Until one day, life on earth ends and you wish reality was fiction. No one can truly prepare you for the after life, because no one actually knows what it's like until their time comes.

Where you go doesn't always depend on beliefs and whether or not you repent for your sins. Sometimes you don't get a chance to apologize or ask forgiveness because some actions cannot be forgiven. Where you end up is based on your actions and as you realize that there is more chances than not that it will be too late.

Heaven and Hell are destinations; to get to a destination there can be a lot of travel and waiting. Because purgatory is your long journey to your destination. Depending on if you were a glistening saint or a complete disgrace you didn't have to have patients cause your gates opened right up for you.

My name is Henley and I just so happen to be a demon. Oh and guess what? I didn't have a long journey because the gates of Hell were so welcoming. Sure I burned in flames, and let me tell you Hell is no joke. I suffered but I would never regret the actions that sent me here. That's one of the hundred feelings I have throughout my day.

You see demons, they don't have feelings. Soon they forget what it was like to live and they become monsters once the flames no longer have effect and all it becomes an ice rather then fire. Most hearts turn to stone when they realize they ended up here.

I guess that makes me different. I have been here longer than most and I still feel the burning sensation of the flames. I still have feelings. I can still feel the space my heart takes up inside of me. I retain the memory of what it was like to be human and I choose to fight in the side of humanity.

A war has began, and Lucifer and his demons wish to make earth a living Hell. Angels of God have descended to help his children, and I intend to help them. Even if I pay for it.

First chapter done. Comment and tell me what you think. I hope you lovelies enjoy this story. I thought it would be a fun topic to write about. After the first two chapters i will try and post every other day. I really want you all to love this story <3

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