99 days without you

Ella was devastated when she found her girlfriend dead in their living room. Ella slipped into a deep depression. Ella started to self harm herself and her friends were worried. They sent Ella to a therapist to talk about Hazel ( her girlfriend) and maybe cope with the fact that she was gone. Ella wrote in a journal given to her by her therapist. After 99 days of writing in her journal she decided life isn't worth living if Hazel wasn't there.
Based-somewhat- off the Larry stylinson fanfiction '99 days without you'


4. Day 3

Day 3:

Today has been the worst day of all. I hear your voice everywhere I got. I see your charming face everywhere I go. I'm not complaining but it hurts. I have no clue why you left. Why you decided to do this to yourself and me.


I sound selfish but. You don't know how I feel. I wanna crumble up into a ball and never see light again. I wanna feel how you felt when you ended your life. I wish I was there. I didn't get to say good bye. I didn't get a hug or kiss.


I guess this is the first time I have every wrote how I felt. My thoughts. You swamp my head with your beauty and charm and I wonder how I was so blessed to have found you.


The screaming in my voice are the same. I've only cut so far. I feel like I deserve to feel like this. You know today for the first time I found your note? The note that told me why. I can't read it. Not yet at least. It's to soon.

Lulu, Mia, and Dr. Ludkhannah think it would be good if I read it. For reassurance. But I can't I feel as though I'm gonna wanna die even more. You make me complete and if killing myself is how I'll see you again. I guess that's what I gotta do.

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