3. Alena

Alena's POV

'Im so ugly.' I thought to myself. 'Maybe daddy would love me if I was prettier.' I continued staring I till my eyes burned and my cheeks were tear stained. I looked at the floor for a couple minutes, and then I looked back at me. "No. You are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Daddy just can't see how amazing you are." I whispered. I smiled and stepped into the hot shower, instantly relaxing as I did. I washed my hair and my body then I turned off the water and stepped out. My head didn't hurt and nether did my body so I walked to my closet and grabbed a black sports bra with matching black athletic leggings and my pink and blue track shoes and put everything on. I grabbed my 5 Seconds of Summer phone holder and strapped it around my arm. I plugged in my head phones and put them in and blaring She Looks So Perfect. I ran down the stairs, threw the kitchen and was walking towards the door when I realized the boys on the couch playing FIFA and as soon as they saw me they started saying things, but I couldn't hear them threw the beautiful music. I was mad about what happened, but I was even more mad that none of them went up to my room to apologize. I walked out the door and slammed it whole running down the side walk. I ran from my house to the park 15 blocks away. I was proud of my self. I live to run and run to live. I was running threw the park when I saw a man in black skinny jeans, a black 5 Seconds of Summer Jodie and dangled tinted sunglasses. I took my headphones put and pushed pause only music as I listened to him talking to me. "Out for an afternoon run?" He said. "Yeah, just getting some fresh air. You?" I asked. "Just on a stroll. Mind walking with me?" He asked. "Maybe, maybe not. Depends if you tell me your name or not." I said smiling. "Well gorgeous, tell me your beautiful name and I'll tell you mine." He said. I blushed and looked at my feet. I looks back up at him and replied. "It's Alena. Alena Styles." I said. I didn't care I everyone knew I was THE Harry Styles's daughter. If he cared he would of said something already. "Styles? As in Harry Styles?" He asked. I nodded. "I'm his daughter." I said. "I didn't know he had a daughter." He said confused. "Yeah well, he likes to hide me from the world. So, what about that name?" I asked. He laughed. He took off his hood and his sunglasses and I couldn't believe who was standing in front of me. "I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings." He said. He stuck out his hand for me to shake and I gladly excepted it. "So, how about that walk?" He asked. I laughed and nodded. We talked for hours and hours and by the time we were done, it was 12:00 at night. "I can't believe we stayed out this long!" He said. I giggled. "It happens." We talked the rest of the way to my house. We talked and laughed at his jokes and bad pick-up lines. After 15 more minutes I that we were at my house. "Well this is my flat." I said. He nodded. "I had a really fun time Luke." I said. "I did to Alena." He said. I walked up my steps and put my hand on the handle, getting ready to open it, but Luke stopped me. "Alena, can you sometime?" He asked. I walked back down the steps and handed him my phone and he handed me his. We punched in out numbers and Luke took an adorable picture of him and set it as his contact picture. "I had fun with you Alena." He said. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I hope we do it again sometime." And kissed my cheek. I blushed madly and he eh led at me. "I'll call you tomorrow!" He yelled as he ran down the side walk. I blushed a little more an walked inside my house. I was greeted by the boys, but I'm guessing they were mad. "Where have you been?" Liam asked. "And who was that guy huh?" Dad asked. I stared at them. "Oh so now the gay boy band cares?" I asked. That just made them madder. "How dare you!" Zayn yelled. "How dare me? How dare you! You guys come home, mistake me for a maid, yell at me, and push me away, plus hide me. I'm sick of it!" I said.

I turned around and walked towards the stairs. Niall jumped I front of me. "Woah, and were do you think your going?" He said. I kicked his legs out from under him and he fell to the ground. "You- you are grounded missy!" Niall said as he lifted himself up. "You can't tell me what to do, your not my mom!" I yelled at him. "I may not be your mother, but I am your father. And Niall is right. Your. Grounded." Harry said. I turned around. "Oh, sorry. I think your mistaken cause I don't have a father. You see, I did but he is now dead to me." I said. I could see the hurt in his eyes. "You take that back." He said. "Never." Liam came over to me with rage in his eyes. "DONT YOU DARE TALK TO YOUR DAD LIKE THAT!" He yelled at me. "I.DONT.HAVE.A.DAD." I said. I felt the sharp pain and stinging sensation in my cheek as my head tilted to the side quickly. I held my cheek and looked straight. Zayn was in front of me, the maddest I've ever seen him. "Did you just slap me?!" I screamed. "Yeah, and I'll do it again." He said. "Excuse me?" Another slap. "Don't touch me!" Another. "ZAYN STOP!" Another. Another. And another. I fell to the ground , it hurt so bad. I felt like I was going to die. I felt something run down my cheek and onto the floor, but it wasn't tears. I touched my cheek with my hand and brought it down to look at it. Blood. Rusty red black liquid. I looked at Zayn. I got up off the ground and looked at him. "Do you feel like a man? Huh? Pushing around and abusing a 16 year old? HUH?!" He raised his fist and connected it to my face. It hurt so bad. I was crying now. My tears mixing with my blood. I looked behind Zayn and there were all the boys. Just staring at me with a blank face. "DONT JUST STAND THER HELPED GOD DAMMIT!" Another punch, but this one was on my stomach. I screamed and screamed. I screamed for the boys. I screamed for Luke. I screamed for mom. But it was no use. Zayn continued to try and kill me I assume. He finished with I hard hard kick to the stomach and I could tell I was bruised. I was still crying and screaming. "Alena?" I couldn't answer. I was in a ball on the floor twitching, crying, and screaming. "ALENA!" I couldn't tell who was yelling. The voices were getting more and more distant.

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