Cupid's Bow | h.s -Complete-

"The love I give is unlike any other. It lasts." "What about the love you receive?"
"You deserve a love that will risk everything for you."
"Harry! Please...No!"

"What are you?"

Book One in the Elysium Series. All books can be read separately.


3. "You're too funny to be quiet"

              Try something new. Chances are you'll enjoy it more than you think.                                                                                -Unknown


Taking Harry through the wall was something to laugh about. I guess since I've been doing it most of my millenniums, seeing him freak out over it was somewhat of a laugh.

As we stepped into our new location, outside of Cranage Hall, he kept murmuring under his breath about freaky transportation.

I squeezed his hand that I was still holding, just to shut him up.

I guess the weak affection that I gave him made him feel...strange, for his cheeks turned a shade of pink and he pulled his hand away.

"So where are we?" he asked, checking out his surroundings.

"Cranage Hall."

"I see but why? Aren't all the people inside?"

"Yes, everyplace has it's secrets" I smiled. I lead him around the corner of the building and held my hand to his chest to stop his next step. Quiet I mouthed and motioned for him to take a peek around the corner.

There was a young couple groping and kissing eachother torridly. The girl was in uniform and my only guess was that she worked here and the other was a man looking a bit more gruff.

"Why aren't you hiding?" 

I playfully laughed and told him, "They can't see me."


"Unless I have my bow on them, they can't see me."

"How come I can see you?"

"Ask me when I know" I mumbled, looking back at the couple kissing in the dark. "You wanna see the magic?"

"Yeah" he smiled.

I stepped fully from the hide-out and lifted my bow.

Pull, Aim, Wait...

"What are you waiting for?" Harry hushly asked.


The guy suddenly stopped as my arrow disappeared in his body and blinked down at the girl. "Jack" she whispered in confusion.

Then, suddenly this 'Jack' guy looked over at me...more like Harry, and scrunched his brow.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"Oh shit" the girl swore, straightening up her blouse, "I can get fired for this."

My eyes widened as he began to approach us. I grabbed Harry's wrist and pulled him the other way. "Come on!"

"I thought you said they couldn't see you!"

"He saw you, Harry!" I said over the wind blowing past my hair. He was right next to me, running to the next corner of the building. "Quiet."

I made my way to a large oak tree with Harry behind me. We sat there in the dark and both breathed deeply as the heavy thuds of 'Jacks' steps grew further away.The click of heels were fast behind him.

Once it was quiet again we both looked at each other and broke out into laughter. 

"You're really bad at staying hidden."

"Well sorry I'm not invisible to the human eye" he teased, a gesture I only experienced with my father.

"Not invisible to yours" I smiled.

"I like that" he said, brushing his hand against mine.

I felt a foreign warmth on my face and looked away from his intense gaze. 

The few lamps around us were dim and I scanned the area for any other night-walkers. I looked back at Harry and said, "You wanna go someplace else?"

"Let's just rest for a minute" he lightly chuckled with a lazy smile spread across his face.

"Tired already?" I joked, nudging his shoulder. "My job is harder than you thought, huh?"

"You sort of woke me up in the middle of the night."

"Oh, yeah...sorry. You have some creature that squeaks. I accidentally stepped on it."

" You stepped on my cat?"

"It's fine now!" I said defensively, even though I didn't know if it was or not.

"And you knocked my books off the shelf? You're a ticking time-bomb" he laughed.

I couldn't help but let out a laugh too. "You're funny."

He shook his head and leaned his head back in the tree, "Lot's of people don't think so. I'm the awkward kid compared to the rest. That's why I stay quiet."

I leaned my head against his shoulder and said, "You're too funny to be quiet. In fact, I haven't laughed more in my entire existence then I have with you."

"Must be a boring life."

"A busy life."

"So..." he whistled, "how long have you been doing this?"

"A long time" I whispered, not really wanting to tell him more of my immortality.

"How about a rough estimate."

"Since...before your god was thought of, before...before even humanity existed" I huffed, standing up and walking down the small hill to an even smaller patch of flowers.

"Wait!" he called after me. He grabbed me by the wrist and turned me to him. "V. Can I call you V?"


"Is it so bad that I know how old you are? I mean, I thought that was a human thing?"

A smile broke out on my face and I turned my face to try and hide it.

"Don't hide it from me" he chuckled, grasping my chin and tilting my face towards his.

Never have I ever been touched or even spoken to the way Harry has expressed to me. In just a short hour this fifteen year old, mortal boy has captured me and is now pinning me down with his green gaze.

All of my years I've watched love brew and take off right in front of my eyes. Never have I ever experienced such a feeling. I've never had the 'butterflies' or the 'tingly skin'...well not until now. Now when Harry had lowered his face to mine and pressed his warm, foreign lips to mine.

I was completely still, eyes wide open as I watched his lashes fan over his cheeks. I guess my lack of reciprocation caused him to stop and I was a bit disappointed when he did.

He looked at me with unease in his eyes and I wanted to slap myself for making him feel that way.

"Have you ever been kissed before?" he nervously laughed, his posh accent making me bite my needy lower lip.

I shook my head as I stared up at him.

"I-I'm sorry" he tinged, "I just thou-"

"No..." I whispered, "do it again."

His eyes globed and I thought he'd back down from my order. I was a bit relieved to see a slight twitch to his mouth as he came to me again and kissed me.

I gasped and mimicked the flutter of his eyes. Now that they were clothes I saw swirls behind my lids that made glee soar through me. I puckered my lips like his and slightly opened my mouth to make a better fit. The low throaty sound that he released left me in a daze.

Suddenly his hands were on my face, holding me secure against him. I was going to hold my hands on top of his when something warm and tingly slid across my lips.

I yelped and pulled away. A giggle surfaced from inside me as I covered my warming cheeks. "I didn't say to put your tongue on me."

"Oh" Harry laughed, his cheeks matching the color of his lips.

"You kissed me" she murmured, looking down at the moist grass between them. 

" liked it, right?"

"Yes. You're lips touched mine" I giggled. I kept sounding like one of those school girls I had to shoot to get her to fall for her best friend.

"Is that, like, not normal?"

"Of course! My parents are nasty freaks and I see it everyday of my life, I just...I never thought that I'd kiss someone."

"That's a little hard to believe."

"How so?"

"You''re beautiful."

He really knew how to win a girl over. I've seen it millions of times and would smile at the advances of the other couples. Some were cute, some were downright cheesy, but Harry...Geesh.

He was shyly romanticizing the red onto my face. 

" should be heading back, r-right?" 

I was a stammering mess.

"Yeah" he smiled.


We got back to Harry's room the same way we laughed and once we got that had I mentioned he was horridly dressed for the outing.

"Wait...are you home alone?" I asked, something that has been on my mind in a while.

"Oh, yeah. My mum's away for a bit and my sister is at the university.

I helped him pick up his books. Although he didn't admit it, I knew he just wanted me there longer and I didn't argue.

I breathed out once the hurtful truth surfaced. 

It was time for me to go.

Harry sighed and scratched the back of his neck. "So what about the mission?"

"It," wasn't a mistake "will be left open for now. I have to talk to my father about it."


I smiled at the shortening of my name. "Yeah?" I hopefully asked.

"'s already pretty late here and I'm sure it's getting late where you're from. Maybe you'd want to rest? I mean, stay here for a while. No, wait." He took a deep breath and nervously let it out. "What I'm trying to say you wanna maybe stay over for the night?"

I slowly nodded with a grin spread on my face.

"Really? I mean, right, I'm sure you'd want the bed. I'll take the floor-"

"No" I abruptly said. He stopped and looked at me with a confused expression. "I thought I could be in the bed with you and we could...cuddle" I said, shying away from his gaze.

Now that was a vocab word I learned from my dad.

Harry smiled back and nodded eagerly. "Do you want any night clothes to wear?"

I looked over what I was already wearing. Small shirt and tights. "Maybe some other bottoms" I suggested.

He went to his chest of drawers and brought out some baggy shorts. He gave them to me and turned to face the wall. "I won't look."

I laughed and took off my tights, then put on the shorts. "Uh...they're a little loose."

Harry turned and looked at how his clothes fit me. "You have to roll them" he said.


He took the waist of the shorts and tucked it under itself. His hands brushed over my bare waist, causing a cold shiver sensation to run through me.

"Thank you" I said once he was finished.

We both laid in his soft bed and under his covers. I laid on my side and stared at him. 

"Cuddle me."


"I want to cuddle and I'm not really sure what that entails it."

"O-oh. I've only ever cuddled with my mum or my cat but we can cuddle."

I smiled and felt warmth spread through me once he wrapped his hands around me and pulled me towards him. My face was in his warm neck and my arm was slung across him.

"You're so close" I laughed out.

"Yeah" he drawled.

"Maybe tomorrow I'll teach you more about what I do and what my father did. He was way better at it than I am and-...Harry?"

I peeked up at him to see his eyes closed and his mouth slightly parted. I smiled in knowing that those rosy pouted lips were on mine not too long ago.

I softly pecked them and snuggled deeper into his warmth, lulling to sleep to the sound of his soft snores.



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