foolishly completely fallen.


2. chapter one

I walked into the class room. His class room. I know he was looking at me as I sat down because I was late. Everyone was probably looking at me. I sat down in my usual seat next to my friend Luke. And take my laptop out of my bag.

"Nice of you to join us Miss Green." I hear his deep voice say making me jump.

"Sorry." I mumble, not looking at him.

"Don't be late to my class again." He snaps, before going back to whatever he was talking about.

"You should've just skipped." Luke whispers to me after a couple minutes.

I don't respond. Normally I would skip if I was this late to a class. There was probably only 15 mins left in the class but I couldn't afford to skip nor did I want to. I would never miss a chance to look at his beautiful face.

His was so tall and muscular. His brown hair just kinda flopped on top of his head in a cute way. His eyes were so green, and so captivating. I loved them. His lips were so pink and luscious, I could kiss them all day.

But I wasn't supposed to think that way. He is my teacher and I'm his student. He probably doesn't even think anything about me. In fact he's probably annoyed with me for being late to his class.

His is the only class I do bad in, because of him. He gets me so distracted I can never listen to what he says.

I get snapped out of my thought from Luke nudging me. I look over to him, and he tells me class is over.

As I start to pack up my things he comes over to me. I look up at his tall stature and wait for him to talk.

"Jordan, I don't appreciate you coming late to my class." He says looking my me.

"Sorry Mr. Irwin, it won't happen again."

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