Lydia Brooke: Year One

Lydia Brooke, an eleven year old receives her Hogwarts letter. She lives alone with her father who remains oblivious to the fact that she is extraordinary. Unsure of whether or not to even share the knowledge of witches and wizards with her father Lydia begins to consider not even going.
Or never coming back.


7. Hoggy, Warty, Hogwarts

I wake up smiling. I hurry and get dressed so that I can look around my room. The dormitory is clearly separated into five sections where each bed sits against the wall. I attempt to make mine neat but with the one side next to the wall it is difficult to tuck in the sheets and blankets. So I leave it alone, I'm just going to mess it up again tonight anyway.

I walk up to my oak desk. It is huge! This will be a great spot to study, read, or do my homework.y chair is comfortable and swivels around. I spin around and wheel over to my dresser. My robes and other clothing are all neatly put away. I grab one set and get dressed.

"Oh, are you up too?" I peer around my dresser at the bed in front of mine. She has light brown hair, olive coloured skin. Her perfect teeth gives her a great smile. She is still in her brown pajamas that bring out her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm just getting used to all of this. I'm Lydia, by the way. We haven't really made introductions." I walk over to shake her hand.

"I'm Sarah Clarke. Mum is a witch so that makes me a half-blood. Dad is a muggle. What about you?"

Quickly, I gather my thoughts. Was my mum a witch? Or was she a err... muggle? "I'm a muggleborn, I think?" She nods at my use of the word.

The other girls are up now. They gather around for introductions. The first one, a girl with long blonde hair and side bangs is Kate Peterson. Catherine Gold lives up to her name with long curly golden locks and blue eyes like Kate. The last one is Meghan Birch. She has dirty blonde hair, square glasses, and pale blue eyes and skin.

Kate and Catherine are purebloods and Meghan is a half-blood.

"Isn't this amazing?" Catherine squeals. "Mum and Dad said it was amazing but I never imagined anything this grand!"

Kate rolls her eyes. "Yeah, it's alright. But Daddy promised I woud be in Gryffindor and I'm not. That is the best house you know. All the great witches and wizards come from Gryffindor. No one even likes stupid Ravenclaw."

"It seems fine to me," I say. "Besides didn't you hear Professor McGonagal? She said that each house has had great witches and wizards. Even Slytherin- Merlin was in Slytherin. Or didn't your daddy tell you that?"

Meghan, not one for drama, leaves quickly for breakfast in the great hall. Kate glares at me but I ignore her. I ask Sarah and Catherine if they are ready to eat and we walk down together. Well, we walk up our tower to the common room, up to the loft, then down five floors to the great hall.

There are a hundred and forty-two staircases in Hogwarts. I read that in Hogwarts, a History. Some have steps that will vanish so you have to remember to watch for it. Also, the staircases move around making it very difficult to get to your destination. Luckily my group left pretty early and are not the last ones there for breakfast.

When we go sit down everyone is staring at Harry Potter, including Catherine. I nudge her but she ignores me. I sit down next to Meghan who is reading more than eating. Sarah sits down on my other side.

"Is that Harry Potter? I can't believe we go to school with the Harry Potter!" Sarah gushes.

I focus on my food but add my own opinion, "I don't see the big deal! I get that he's the Boy Who Lived or whatever but he was a baby. Not like surviving Voldemort was his doing." Anyone within hearing distance gasps and looks at me strangely.

"Meghan finally looks up. "All she did was say his name guys! That is a stupid reason to freak out." With that she turns back to her book.

"You don't say his name?" I whisper to Sarah. She shakes her head. Wow, talk about fear! We ate quickly and silently. At one point Professor Flitwick, the head of Ravenclaw hands out our schedules.

First, I have Transfiguration. Professor McGonagall teaches that so I hurry to her classroom to make a good first impression. One of my old teachers used to say YNGASCTMAGFI (pronounced yin-gah-skid-a-mcphee). It is an acronym for "You never get a second chance to make a great first impression".

Sarah was done eating and came with me too. We found it easily enough considering we had a whole castle to search. We were the first ones there and sat in the front right hand corner. Professor McGonagall isn't here but we are fairly early to class. She arrives just minutes after us and other Ravenclaws begin trickling in.

"Transfiguration is by far one of the most important classes you will take here at Hogwarts. I will not stand for goofing off and not paying attention." Then she turns her desk into a wild hog and back again. Many students ooh and ahh, but none of us actually expect to be able to do that for a while.

To start out we take notes on our parchment with our quills. This is new to me and it takes me awhile to get used to dipping it into my inkwell after every couple words. Also, my letters smudge together making it hard to read. Professor McGonagall walks down the aisles and notices this. She then lies at me and recommends a book.

"You will find it interesting the library, Madame Pince will gladly help you find it. I think you will find it's information useful."

Each girl and boy is then given a match and we are instructed to turn them into a needle using the spell we were given. I practice the wand movement a few times and mutter the incantation under my breath twice before doing them together. I succeed the first time and present my shiny needle to the professor. She beams at me and holds it up for the rest of the class to see. My face turns beet red and I hurry to sit down. Sarah is the only other one to finish by the end of class. Everyone succeeded on some level, some turning the match silver and others adding a point on one end.

The rest of my classes are not as much fun. Charms is great but we haven't started on spells yet. Professor Flitwick stood on a stack of books to be able to see over his podium. But he seems really sweet.

Defense Against the Dark Arts was very erm... interesting? The professor, Professor Quirrel stutters and jumps at his own shadow. The classroom smells so strongly of garlic that some older students set off dungbombs claiming that they smell better. And the teacher wears a turban that he never takes off. It smells worse than any dungbomb!

Professor Snape makes Potions nearly unbearable. Ravenclaw usually has this class with Hufflepuffs but not always. Snape doesn't like either of us. Rumor is that he only favors his house, Slytherin. So far it seems true. To him we are too smart for our own good and Hufflepuffs are the exact opposite.

My other classes like astrology are fun but I have them less often. But every night our assignment is to look at the stars and chart them using our telescope.

Anyway, to make a long story short I survived the first day and a few after that. Tomorrow is Friday and we have those afternoons off. But for now I climb into bed after another delicious meal at Hogwarts.

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