My Struggle

It was hard to breath. "Breath in and out! Stay strong!" The doctor yelled at me. I tried but then everything went black. I started to wake up a little but all I saw was my mom. My dead mom. My name is Emma and this is my story


3. The Hospital

I woke up. I couldn't bare the pain. "DAD MIKE SARAH AHHHHH SOME AH ONE PLEASE AH" I clutched my stomach. I was in so much pain I couldn't take it. They all came running in and looked at my stomach realizing I have to go to the hospital ASAP. Mike picked me up in his strong arms and brought me a breathing mask over. Sarah packing me things I'll need and my dad on the phone with the hospital. I was placed in the car Sarah next to me my dad driving and mike in the passengers seat. We got to the hospital and I was rushed in. The next thing I remembered was everything went black.




I blinked. "What happened?" I asked trying to open my eyes but the lights were hurting them. "Well your medicine isn't working for you anymore and since it's not working that means you will be sick for a while until they get your new medicine in and it kicks in. You will be fine they said. But it was close this time" Sarah explained as she was the only one here. Sarah is like my mom and best friend and sister. She's my everything. I can trust her with my life and I basically am already. "Dad and Mike are sleeping in the hotel part of the hospital for you. I'll call Mike and tell him to come down. I'm sure he will wanna see you" she said as she came over placed a kiss on my forehead and walked out of the room. Mike and I are also really close too. We all are close with each other. I mean we only have each other so who else would we be close to? Mike and my dad walked in. Both of them rushing by my side and each taking my hands in theirs. "I love you baby sis" Mike whispered quietly. He's got that big tough guy look but he's really soft and nice. "I love you too Mikey" I said and hugged him. "I love you baby girl" my dad said as he pulled me into a big hug and kissed my cheek. I could tell he has been crying because I feel tears on my shirt and his cheek was wet. "I love you too daddy" I said and kept his tight embrace

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