My Struggle

It was hard to breath. "Breath in and out! Stay strong!" The doctor yelled at me. I tried but then everything went black. I started to wake up a little but all I saw was my mom. My dead mom. My name is Emma and this is my story


1. my background

My name is Emma. I'm 17 and struggling with cancer. It all started out fine until I was 5, I had bruises all over my stomach and no one knew how they got there. I went to the hospital about 1 month later and they told me I have stage 4 of Cancer. Stomach Cancer. My mom died from leukemia when I was 4. It sucks yes but at the same time I feel so lucky to be alive I don't really think about it. I have 4 best friends Brittany (B or Britt) Liv, Josie, and Matt who take my mind off things too. I'm single and not ready to mingle :( now your probably wondering what I look like right? Well I'm tall ish and skinny with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. You're probably wondering why I still have hair if I have cancer, well it grew back and I have a lot but it's still better than none right? I almost forgot, I have 2 other siblings and two dogs my siblings are twins ones a boy and the others a girl and both 20. Sarah and Mike. My dogs are Cooper and Princess. Sorry if explaining my background was boring :(

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