Can't Live Without You

( A One Direction FanFic )

Margaret Payne (Liam Payne's Sister) has woken up not knowing anything. See how hard Life can come back and slap you in the face, literally.


5. Chapter 5: Another Chance

'Ello lovelies!!!! How are you? Good? Me too!


Margaret's POV

I try to open my eyes, but I can't. Releif. Wait. How can I think if I'm dead? Try to open my eyes AGAIN.

Not so much luck. They always say threes a charm.

Three. My eyes open.

Yay!!! Acomplishment of the year! I see two chairs against the opposite wall. In one sits a crying Topaz. Next to her is Harry, comforting her. The wall to my right has a cracked open door and a machine that tells my heart beat and rate. Liam is at the door talking to some lady and Paul.

On my left, there is a wall. Not much else, unless you want me to include a Niall fudgin' Horan on the phone leaning against the wall. He has on a Nike shirt, shorts, and a blazer. He hurries out of the room after he hangs up. I try to say hello but it comes out like "ooorrrroooo." Topaz is the only one who hears and she rushes over to me. "I think she's awake. Liam, get over here." Liam obeys and is suddenly by her side.

"Harry, get the nurse." Harry looks up, mumbling something, and walks out of the room. I speak again, but a little more clearer.

"Where did iall go? What happened? Where rrrrr the utters?"

Liam replies, "I'm not sure where Niall went. The others are out in the lobby. We broke the door down when we saw blood running out of the bathroom door. We escorted you to the hospital. You had surgery. You were in a minor coma. You woke up. You should know the rest."

"Why did you all bring me to the hospital? Do you all even care? Or do you just want another slave?"

At that moment, Louis walks in and tells Liam that he is needed outside. Oh great.



I was going to ask Topaz out today. But not now. She's very stressed. She's been crying the whole time.

"Would you like to go outside?"

"Nnnnnnnoooo..." She started to pull herself together, but I grabbed her, pulled her into my arms and told her to let it all out. She did.

Niall walks in. He looks disappointed. He pulls out his mobile and starts texting.

Has Margaret said anything or gotten up since I was in here last time? Nialler x x x

Nope. All she done is lay there in silence and coma. Hazza x x x

Does she hate me now? Nialler x x x

Probs. unless she doesn't remember anything. Hazza x x x

Why???? Always me?!!! Nialler x x x

I didn't respond to that. He glances at me and puts his mobile in his pocket, storming off. I hope he knows that she probably will still like him.

I haven't been paying attention. Topaz gets up and goes over to Margaret.

"I think she's awake. Liam, get over here."

Liam walks to her side and says for me to get the nurse. I tell him to stay away from Topaz while I'm gone, but no one hears.

I walk outside of the room, and boobear is the first one to inform me.

"Niall is missing. He walked out of the hospital 5 minutes ago."



Nobody, not even Kevin, knows where Niall went. That's very bad.

"What did he say to you before he left?" I asked Harry.

"Nothing. He was texting me. Not talking." Was his reply.

Why would he do this??? To Margaret???? She will think this is

A) all her fault or

B) Niall hates her.

But neither are true!

Why, Niall, why?



I stare in silence at the grave. I don't know why my mum hasn't told me sooner. But now it's too late.

I had a twin that died at birth and my parents never told me!!! I'm fuming. I start to get all of the flowers on the other graves around me and throw them at the ground, until someone strangles me.

"Get off!!" I yelp.

I hear a British accent in the reply, "Never!! For Kevin!" Now I know who it is.

"How did you find me?"

"I didn't. Margaret did."

I hear a muffled Irish accent I love.

"Will you forgive me?"


"Good. Now that everybody has made up, let's go. We forgot to tell them we were leaving. They are probably bloody worried about us."


'Ello, lovelies!

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