Can't Live Without You

( A One Direction FanFic )

Margaret Payne (Liam Payne's Sister) has woken up not knowing anything. See how hard Life can come back and slap you in the face, literally.


3. Chapter 3: Sooo... We're Over?

Chapter 3: Sooo... We're Over?

Margaret's POV

Why the fudge is Liam crying??? Was it something I did? I don't think I shoved any spoons in his face... "Hey, Liam, why are you so glum?"

He starts crying harder, making Niagra Falls The 2cd. I swear that boy has problems. He runs out of the room and Topaz whispers, "you don't remember who he is to you, do you?" I reply after thousands of questions pop up in my head, "he is my bff, right?"

Malisa, Topaz, and Kat all do a face-palm. "What???" I honestly don't know what they're hinting at. I am not THAT oblivious. Ok, maybe I am, but that's not the point. Kat is the first to speak up, "he's your brother."

Oh. Margaret, you are sooooo smart. Notice the sarcasm. He knows I don't remember!! I need to go find him. Wait. He needs time. He knows all the memories we had together have vanished. I hope he's darn okay.

"I'm hungry!" Oops. I said that out loud, didn't I. "Don't worry, love. I'll get you something. ...are you prefering Nandos???" Oh, give me a break, Niall. "You know I prefer Subway, babe. But I'll let you choose this time."

Wink of the eye. On cue. 5,4,3,2,1. "Ok if you insist, love. Then Nandos it is!!"

Dang. I know this boy too well.

"Let me go find Liam!" I insist...Okay, more like begged. They finally let me go. I find him in the parking lot under a street lamp. He's all torn up, I can see. He has on some old clothes that looks like he's been wearing all week. A short sleeve blue plain shirt, with 'holy' blue jeans. Hehe. I'm so 'punny'. Ok Margaret. Not the time for jokes. Did I just apologize to my conscience?

"Liam." That's all I could choke out. He looks so stressed. I can't beleive I did this to him. It's all my fault, it's all my fault, it's all my fault, it's all-

"Yes, Margaret?" He barely whispered.

"It's all my fault. That you're like this, I mean. I shouldn't have gotten high just because it was my 18th birthday. I'm sooooo sorry! Please forgive my stupidity! If it wasn't for me, then I would remember all of the memories we had together. You are the only one that I DON'T remember. I remember Niall and I being together and all my friends, but not my only brother, you."

"It's ok, Margaret. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. It's never your fault! Don't put yourself down, love. Lets go. Niall is probably wondering if you're trying to post-pone his Nandos." I see him grin at his last comment. I'm glad to have him back. "I would NEVER do that!" I state sarcastically.

We get back to the black lemo with a silver out line. We hug, then turn to 8 awe-struck faces, but I decide to break the silence, I mean, someone has to, right? "What are you lookin' at?"

Niall replies instantly, "my girlfriend. Now get in the freaking car before somebody gets hurt. Niall hungry, Niall SMASH!!"

Well, SOMEBODY'S hungry. We get to the restaurant and Niall pulls me aside.

"Go along. Keep moving. Me and her need to talk." He says to the others. He seems... Angry? Wonder what it's about? Managment? Maybe.

"Why the fudge did you do that??" He screamed at me, once everyone had scurried along. I have never seen the angry side of Niall. Well, this will be interesting. My curiosity grew.

"Do what?" I asked impatiently. "You know! Get drunk! You promised me that you would never ever ENTER a bar, much less drink. You know that it's bad for your body and that just one sip will make you start hallucinating! You could've died!! You PROMISED. THAT. YOU. WOULD. NEVER. DRINK. Looks like SOMEBODY is bad with keeping there word! I was so scared! I.. I thought I would never see you again." He frowned. His eyes were filled with anger and betrayal. How could I have done that to him?? I hate me. I hate me. I hate me. I hate me. I shouldn't even be with him if all I'm going to do is hurt him.

But he's so hot.

Shut up brain.

I can't do this to him ever again. There's only one way to do that.

"Soooo... We're over? No. Don't even answer. I can't hurt you. We are over."

I can tell that we are both in tears. Oh freakin' well. I'm already having regrets and am about to take it back, but he's already running away with tears and regret.


'Ello, lovelies!

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