Never Let Go (sequel to TOTGA)

So this is the sequel to The One That Got Away. I would read that first if you want to understand this. Paige and Niall are starting they family, but they will face several obstacles throughout their lives. There is love, loss, and laughs. But are Niall and Paige truly inseparable? Find out in this sequel!


2. Noah&Charolette

Niall's P.O.V.

"Niall, Niall NOah's not breathing get help someone!" Paige said in a great state of panic. I could have swore my heart stopped. I handed Charolette to Dakota and Ran to the door. "SOME ONE HELP!I NEED A DOCTOR NOW!" I yelled. A nurse and the doctor that delivered the twins rushed to the room. "He's not breathing" Paige said in tears. They ran to her and took Noah into intensive care and helped him start to breathe. "He's okay. He will be okay." I hushed her. "I am such a horrible mother. He isn't even an hour old and I already screwed up." she cried into my chest. "No baby, you didn't do anything wrong. This is in no way your fault." I said rubbing her back. "Hey, hey you still have charolette with you. While you wait for Noah to get better, you can spend some time with Charolette." Dakota said handing Charolette to Paige. "She's beautiful. You know they have your eyes, Niall"  she said. They do. "And look at her little nose. Looks just like yours. Cute as a button." I said. "Hey! That's my line!" Harry said,crossing his arms over his chest. We all laughed. That's when the doctor came in. Without Noah. "Is he alright? What happened?" Paige asked. "He will be fine we will just have to keep him here for the night. You can stay too if you'd like. His airway was just a little blocked so we had to clean it out a bit. He should be fine. He can go home tomorrow morning." I nodded and with that he left. I am so glad Noah is okay. I have the best family ever. I am the luckiest man in the world. 


Hey! Great first chappie huh? Comment what you think and tell everybady you know on movellas about the first and second story in the TOTGA stories! Thanks crazy mofos!-


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