Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I invite Harry Ginny Hermione Ron Draco Snape Dumbledore Mcgonagall Pansy Fred and George to a party and give them dares to do and truths to answer. Secrets will be revealed. Relation ships might break and others might start. Let the dares, AND TRUTHS,


6. Round Three

    One day in the ror: 

“hey peeps I'm back with dares!"

Ginny frowned, “woopdy-do-da" 

“Anyway, oh yeah today is the last day for Hermione and Draco, soo how has it been? How is our happy couple?"

“Amazing I love Draco"

“How dare you Hermione Granger!"


Ron was kicking and punching everything he could reach and I, Jordan was trying to get him off and finally, I did. “First dare is from, Lilly_Evans and she dares Ron and Pansy to make out on the bed for 30 minutes."

Ron ran while Pansy……………… chased him with kissy lips? Ok?


once again Hermione jumped on someone, and held him down on the bed, and now Pansy jumped on him and kissed him, passionately.

“Ok. Any way the next dare is from, kool kitty, she dares Draco and Hermione to kiss and make out on the couch. I am going to add something, Ron you have to watch and I will not stop them until I want to!" With a wave of my wand a couch appeared. They jumped on, “No no this is torture!" Yelled Ron. 

“Who cares, make sure he watches."

Finally they were done. “ Ok anyway next dare is from, ooooooooh it's a truth from Mixfia forever, she says Harry has t  tell who he really likes."

" Well I love my Ginny of course."

“You really should have not said that because you have to kiss all the girls except Ginny"

Harry groaned but he walked around and kissed ever girl in the room. When he got to Hermione he looked her in the eyes and kissed her the longest.

He was suddenly jumped on by, Ron and Draco. There was punching and kicking and screaming.

“Jordan stop this!"

“It's just getting good though!"



I waved my wand and they were pulled apart.

“Man so  easy. Anyway JeanJayneGranger dares Dumbledore to  tell how old he is and Hermione to turn into a rebel"

“Well I am 69 years old.( sorry I don't know)"

“Ok I will now be a rebel"

“Make the unbreakable vow with me."

She made the unbreakable vow. 

“Ok  we are done for today."



“I said shut up!!! None of us like you anyway"

“ Well then, I guess I have a dare for me suddenly, I am now in the game!!! I dare myself to lock all of you in a creepy and cold basement and leave you there forever , i will make clones of you so no one will know. HOW DO LIKE THAT!!!"

And with a flick of her wand they were all transported to the basement. Before anyone could stop her She made clones of everyone, ran out and locked the door.

“No one is ever getting out of there"

Just as fast as she arrived she was gone.

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