Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I invite Harry Ginny Hermione Ron Draco Snape Dumbledore Mcgonagall Pansy Fred and George to a party and give them dares to do and truths to answer. Secrets will be revealed. Relation ships might break and others might start. Let the dares, AND TRUTHS,


1. A Party

             A/n I am Jordan in this story

 Jordans pov

 I have invited my freinds and enemies and some teachers to a party in the room of requirement, which STARTES IN TEN  MINUETS!!

*At the room of requirement*

Hey everyone you can grab some food and sit in a circle please. They obeyed ok let's play a game everyone close your eyes and put your wands not the floor. They obeyed so I quickly walked around and picked up all the wands . They opened their eyes and saw their wands in my hand.

"Hey give our wands back" said Harry.

“Can't do  that Harry because we are going to  play truth or dare and the readers are gonna chose what you guys do and every day you will come back  here and we will play again"

“Or what !"said Harry

“Or one of your loved ones might get injured and if you continue not to come they will end up.......... dead. Are we clear now?"

They all shook their head yes."Good now be back tomorrow for some dares and some truthes understood?"

They all shook their heads again "Good now see you tomorrow."

Hermione raised her hand,

"Yes Hermione ?!!??"

“Can we have our wands back??"  

“No  they will appear in your hand when your in need of it oh and don't go trying to tell anyone or else"I pretended to slice my head.

“Got it "

They shook their heads and with that I left.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ A/n please leave dares and truthes in the comments or else there is no story thanks. - Singer to the max.535

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