Losing Lux

When Louis Tomlinson,Zayn malik,niall horan,and liam payne are to busy to watch lux, harry has to and then harry turns away and sees a taco tray and turns back around only to find that lux has been kidnapped then murderd.


1. The Job

One morning, Harry Styles awoke to a phone call "hello?"  Harry said as he picked up the phone.

  "hi Harry,it's Lou"   (by the way Lou Teasdale is One Direction's make-up artist.) "oh hi Lou, what's up?" asked Harry


  "Nothing much, but  I need you boys to do me a favor." said Lou."Sure!,what is it?" asked Harry.

     "watch Lux. "  said Lou. so now that Harry knows the favor they both said "Okay,bye."and hung up.

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