something unexpected (a severus snape love story)

(this is set in the 3rd year of the harry potter series, the prisoner of Azkaban)
when Alexis black (14) goes back to Hogwarts this year she is not expecting to see someone, who she hasn't seen since she was 1, what will she do when she see's him for the first time in 13 years. will her mother help her out?, she also has a plan for someone who she like's, she wants to tease him, and make him want her, like she wants him, what will happen when the 'guy' has the same feelings but doesn't want to act on them because it would be very inappropriate, and also illegal, will Alexis get what she wants and will her mother approve of what she wants, or will she be against it.


1. Alexis Helena Black

name: Alexis Helena Black

Age: 14 almost 15 in 5 months

hair: it is originally black but changes colour with her mood. e.g. blonde=very sad or upset, or lost someone she has loved very dearly. red/orange= very pissed off or angry, it has to be something bad for her hair to turn red. violet= unknown reason why it goes this colour yet(she hasn't figured it out yet)

{when she is happy and normal her hair and eyes stay their original colour (: }

eyes: originally grey but they aswell change colour depending on her mood (same colours as her hair, with each mood e.g. when she is angry her hair turns red/orange and so do her eyes)

house: Ravenclaw

Talent: wandless magic

boyfriend: none at the moment ;) but she does have feelings for someone............

personality: outgoing but slightly shy, sweet, very smart, happy, ambitious, pretty, determined

wand: ash, 13 inches, firm, unicorn hair

patronus: deer

height: 5, 3

animagius: deer, or a cat, whatever she choses at the time.

blood: pure but doesn't care


- melia cook - Ravenclaw - 4th year

- savannah hopkirk - Ravenclaw - 4th year

- Ginny weasly - Gryffindor - 2nd year 

- Fred and George weasly - Gryffindor - 5th year

- the golden trio - Gryffindor - 3rd year

- hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor


family: Sirius black(father), Helena Ravenclaw(mother), she is also really close to harry as they are like cousins.


past: Her mother died not long after giving birth to her, Alexis never knew her mother until she got to Hogwarts where she met her mother's ghosts, who has been there for her ever since. Alexis' father Sirius was sent to Azkaban a year later for apparently giving up Lily and James potter to voldermort, when he didn't. Alexis knows the truth, he then left her with the weasly's and that's where she grew up. she found out about her powers when she was 6 and molly weasly had helped her learn to control them (well sort of).





so I hope you all will like this book, I got bored and decided I wanted to write a Severus Snape story cause I absolutely love him. anyway please like, comment and fav for more :)

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