Love Began Kindly In A Cafe

Love Began Kindly In A Cafe is a story of an extravagant and passionate love between an assistant writer and a CEO of an overly growing company called Poise International Inc. CEO, Park Johnson, 26 years old, exemplifies the world with his intriguing ways of proving to be the most sweetest, most intelligent and most handsomest man ever to walk the world. Assistant writer, Jayden Pamel, 19 years old, working for a Broadcasting company called Tera Broadcasting, is a poor woman that works everyday with all her time to pay off all the debts her father left behind before he ran away from home from the loan sharks. These two completely opposite people meet fatefully in a nearby average cafe where the CEO and the poor assistant writer meet and later discover the better meanings of a love stronger than they ever received.


11. Chapter 11

When I returned home, I threw my keys on the table and stretched my arms towards the ceiling. I pulled my blouse messily from my black skirt and began to unbutton the first two buttons until my heart had a mini heart attack.

Park sat with his legs crossed upon my bed. Next to him was a fancily designed box no bigger than a 20 inch flat screen TV. Before I noticed my blouse was too revealing, I quickly gripped the two seams together.

"What are you doing in here?" I nearly screamed, but he just sat there with a devious smile planted upon his face.

"Relax, I just came here to give you this," He patted the gift and stoop up tall while brushing his blazer of any wrinkles. As he walked past me, he used his finger to lift my chin where my face was extremely close to his face that I'm sure he could her my breathing begin to change heavily. He did this as he left for my door leaving me standing in the direction he was walking away. I shook my head.

"You could've came later when I was home!" I shouted but he had already made his way out the door shutting it ever so gently.

I looked back towards my bed and stared at the delicate box designed specially to my liking. As I went towards it, my phone began to ring violently against the glass table. When I went to answer it, my ears began to heat up at the sound of heavy breathing until it called my name under its breath. The voice was so familiar that I realized who this person could be.

"Dad?" I answered questionably until we were disconnected.

I looked back at my phone to see the number that called to be unknown. It would seem that he called from a public telephone booth which isn't to be seen for another 60 miles located in one of the older towns in the northern area.

I set the phone back down on the table and waited in suspense for another call, but the phone neither budged nor did it show any kind of life. I shrugged my shoulders and continued towards the bathroom where I began to draw a full tub of lukewarm water mixed with the fragrance of lavender powder.

After soaking myself for what seemed to be the time length of an entire earth trip from the moon and back, I relieved myself from the tub and began to stumble over my clothes while trying to keep my balance without letting go of the towel around me. As I dried off and covered myself in a sea blue silk nightgown, I sat on the bed where Parks gift stayed peacefully in place.

I slowly opened the extravagant box and imagined a shiny light beginning to peak from the edges as it opened. When the box was fully uncovered, it neared the most beautiful dress ever custom made by man. In it was a note specifically for me in the most seemingly cliche way. It read:

Jayden Palmer,

May this serve to you as a reminder that you have been selected to introduce yourself to the entire company as our new lead towards success. Your ideas will thrive amongst other and rage enemies to jealousy. We would like to single handily ask you to join us at this upcoming event. Ready your speech and may this letter serve you well.

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson? The name sounded awfully familiar, but it did not ring a bell in my mind.

I passed the note to the side and lifted the dress from the box. The more it revealed itself, the more it became even more beautiful. I began to dance in front of my mirror as I imagined myself in it. The knowledge of my beauty grew within my mind like a fast spreading disease. But my guard is still up and ready, even sweet words could never be true gems until I uncover and see them for myself. Let the battle begin!

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