Cover Store

Okay so I deleted my other cover store but i will try it a different way this time!
Directions are in the first chapter! And kind of the second one too!



Hey! So I have added the addition of cover pics! I can make your profile sparkle! All I need to know is the following:


Do you want colorful or do you want it more like a cover?:

any certain pictures?(if so include it in a mumble to me or in the comments):

any certain celebs you want?(I can only do one picture for profile pics):

if you don't want a celeb is tere a certain type of pic you would like?:

If you don't care what picture is behind you name or whatever, I will just go off of your bio and try my best to give you a good profile pic! 

And last but not least, is there a saying or quote you want?(must be less than ten words):

i will get it done as soon as I can!

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