Cover Store

Okay so I deleted my other cover store but i will try it a different way this time!
Directions are in the first chapter! And kind of the second one too!


1. Instructions

So this is all the info I need in order to get you a cover.




Who do you want on the cover if any celebrities I need to know and otherwise tell me which character and what they look like and the age, etc.

Any quotes you want on the cover?

Any specific pics you would like me to use?

do you want the author name(s) on the cover?

it will probably be easier if you fave the movella so you know when it's ready! I will publish a chapter saying that your cover is ready and has been sent to your e-mail address or that it is in the chapter!

And i will also need you email address. You don't have to put that in the comments You could mumble it to me if you choose but i can't give you a cover quickly if I don't have your e-mail. I won't stalk you or spam you or anything! I promise!

You may also just leave a application in the comments and i will try to get it in one of the chapters! It will take a little longer though!

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