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2. Cover Review - Rhetta Mallory Wing

Layout - 4/5

Colour Scheme - 5/5 :)

Boldness of title - 4/5 

Use of images - 5/5

Use of effects - 4/5

Total - 22/25

Comments - I actually liked this cover! The colour scheme of the font and background and fox (if it is a fox...) went really well together. The title was alright, I liked the font you used  for the word "fight" though you can't really read the F properly... (it might just be me..)

The use of images was great, I liked how you really centered the image so it can really stand out :) I also like how part of the fox kinda drifts away (if that was you who did that well done!)

Well done, an awesome cover, this should be a story!


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