Happy Sorrows

I walked into my moms’ house. I’m in for it now. This is my third time ditching class. I look around and see pictures on the wall in the hallway that leads to the living room. Right now I’m wearing black combat boots black tights and a fluffy purple shredded skirt and a green t-shirt. In contrast I have my shoulder length white-silver hair pulled up in plaits and pretty green eye shadow to bring out my neon green eyes.


5. School for prisoners



            Chapter four

I can tell we’re here. It’s pretty much just another gothic mansion. Which pretty much is just plain creepy. Theirs about five kids looking out their windows. Like I said, creepy.

“We’re here, you’re going to have to meet the principal” she says with a trembling voice. We both get out of the car. She pops the trunk and I get my stuff. We walk up to the door.

We’re in the house place. The floors are green marble. There are columns; they are ivory white just like the walls. Just then a boy walks in. He has blonde hair and grey eyes. He has tan skin and a tall build. Maybe six two? He breaks out into a run and goes through a different door.

“Who’s that?” I say completely confused.

“Oh that’s just Dacey” Raina says. We head toward a staircase and go up the stairs. So far I’ve counted three-hundred stairs. Raina heads to a marble door. In a chair sits the boy Dacey. Across from him sits a man. He has black hair that curls towards his neck. He has shocking violet eyes that takes every detail in but gives nothing away. The desk says it belongs to Kalona Hilton. They’re talking in hushed voices which unnerve me. Raina grunts to get their attention. They both look at us. Both of them look at us amused. I roll my eyes.

“You must be the lovely Ms. Kadet that your mother was talking about” Mr. Hilton says.

“Flattery will get you know where, whatever she said were all probably lies!” I say not moving an inch. I can tell there’s something wrong with the eyes that show only fake emotions.

“Flattery? I was simply stating the obvious” he says with an innocent gaze. I want to slap him.

“I loathe you very much” I say.

“Hate?” He says.

“I didn’t say hate I said loathe” I say with a flat voice.

“Didn’t know there was a difference” says the boy Dacey.

“There is” I say and turn around.

“Where are you going Ms. Kadet?” says Kalona Hilton.

“I don’t know but far, far away from here” I say.

I turn away from them and see Raina she looks terrified. Hmmm............... I wonder why?

“What?” I say.

“Aren’t you an amusing girl” says Kalona from behind me. He laughs. I wonder what his definition of amusing is?

“I bet” I say.

“Dacey would you show the wonderful Ms. Kadet around?” Kalona says like he found our conversation Hilarious and trivial. Man, this guy is a jerk. I probably shouldn’t say that in my head what if someone has mind reading powers. Ha. That only happens in movies. Dacey stands up, he towers over me. Bah. Another tall person. I think he finds it funny that I’m shorter than him by a long shot.

“Lost in your thoughts,” Dacey says. I smirk at him. I wonder if he can see my face well. I can see his, and man is he a good looker. He smirks back at me like he knows what I’m thinking he makes a motion that says “Let us go”, whatever.

I follow after him. Now we’re out the door and Raina’ is still in the principal’s office. I hope my smart mouth didn’t land her in a dirt mine.

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