Happy Sorrows

I walked into my moms’ house. I’m in for it now. This is my third time ditching class. I look around and see pictures on the wall in the hallway that leads to the living room. Right now I’m wearing black combat boots black tights and a fluffy purple shredded skirt and a green t-shirt. In contrast I have my shoulder length white-silver hair pulled up in plaits and pretty green eye shadow to bring out my neon green eyes.


1. Prologue



“Do you feel it Raina do you feel it?” the old woman said. The woman that sat across from me was a plump lady with white hair that worked for the queen.

“No ma’am” I said.

“The Dark Queen will be ended and the Light Queen will return to her rightful place, it may take a few years but someone, someone will rise and be the one to take the burden” she said. By now the woman has taken a raspy tone.

“How will we know who it is?” I said.

She looked at me “We won’t.



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