Happy Sorrows

I walked into my moms’ house. I’m in for it now. This is my third time ditching class. I look around and see pictures on the wall in the hallway that leads to the living room. Right now I’m wearing black combat boots black tights and a fluffy purple shredded skirt and a green t-shirt. In contrast I have my shoulder length white-silver hair pulled up in plaits and pretty green eye shadow to bring out my neon green eyes.


6. Meeting 'Big Brother'


                                 Chapter five


“The name’s Dacey, yours?” Dacey says with a theatrical voice.

“Jace Kadet” I say and twirl. He bows.

“Fancy” he says and stands back to his full height. I reach back and touch my head it’s starting to hurt. I move my arms and start taking the plaits out and my hair falls to my armpits near my shoulders.  It looks like it grew since last month. I put the rubber bands on my wrist and look up to see Dacey staring down at me.

Not creepy at all. Sarcasm.

“What? Earth to Dacey” I say and jump to get his attention, he comes out of his daze. He laughs.

“Even when you jump you only come to my shoulder” he says and laughs. I kick him in his shin. He grabs his shin and baby’s his foot. Puh-lease. He grins.

“No, matter how short you are, you kick like a football player” he says and laughs again.

“Well, well, well who is this?” says a voice. I turn around and see a boy that I would probably come up to his armpits. Still pretty tall but who cares a boy that’s actually normal size. He has hair that is blonde and silver with red, purple, and orange and pink in it he has flowy boy hair. Then he has electric green eyes that look identical to mine. He jumps in the air and lands in front of me then picks me up by my armpits.

“I’m so glad I have a long lost twin sister” he says and twirls me.

My first impression: he’s an idiot, an utter idiot.

He finally puts me down. I turn around; Dacey looks like he’s looking us over to see if we really are long lost twins.

“Nope, no way, I dislike you already, go away” I say and turn around to look up at him. He’s on the floor he looks like he’s going to cry. He raises his hand in the air looking utterly lost and broken. My mouth drops open. OH MY GRAVY. How did he do that?

“My life’s not worth living if my own sister hates me” he says in a depressing voice.

I walk over and stand over him.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not your sister and I didn’t say hate I said dislike” I give him my best “duh” look that says your being utterly ridiculous. His face changes. He jumps up in the air.

He grabs me by my shoulders. OH boy, what did I say that made him look so hopeful?

“Does that mean you will come to love me as your older brother some day?” he says. I turn my head.

“Nope, never not in my lifetime” I say.

“You’re so mean” he says. “And you’re acting like a little girl” I shoot back at him in my mind.

“Let go of me” I say. He does.

“Dacey, my sister is so mean to me!” he says. I drop my head in my hands. Why, God do you hate me so? I turn around.

Dacey puts on a look that’s sympathetic.

“Don’t worry, she told the principal that she loathes him!” he says and the boy laughs. He turns around to me.

“The names Lyle, But you can call me Big Brother” he says and gives me a thumbs up.

Like I said, an utter idiot.

“I’ll just call you Lyle” I say in a flat voice.

“I am wounded!” he says and puts a hand to his chest.

“Maybe you’ll die from your wound” I mutter.

He seems to have heard me. UH-OH.

He takes out his pocket knife and gets on one knee. I take the pocket knife and admire it.

“My lives not worth living if I shall die, you be the one to kill me. If you say you’re my sister you will not have to kill me, but if you don’t I will die of depression,” he says. I look at the knife, drop it, and I think my mouth does to.

“Fine, fine you’re my brother, happy?” I say with an exasperated voice. He jumps up and takes out a camera he jumps and runs to me and then he puts his arm around my shoulder and smiles while he takes a picture.

“This is the FIRST day that you called me brother I’m going to make a scrap book” he says.

“And the last” I say and turn around.

Dacey laughs, almost in tears.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I ask.

“Oh I’ll show you” Dacey says and turns around meaning were going. Finally.

“Bye’ Lyle” I say.

“Bye’ sis” he says in a joyful voice. There is something wrong with him.

Now Dacey and I are traveling down the stairs. Then Dacey makes an abrupt turn then goes through some doors. Then we arrive at a bathroom.

“Don’t worry about Lyle, he’s harmless” Dacey says and smiles. I nod then turn around and walk through the door into . . . a luxurious bathroom. Better than most schools. Once I finish my business, I open my stall room door. What I see are two girls. Weird, they were standing outside while I was using the bathroom.

“Hello” one of the girls says.

“Hiya” the other says.

“Ya” I say and brush past them to wash my hands.

I look at them. They both have this Egyptian look to them.

“My names Lacey and this is Veronica” she says like a cheerleader. My god. JEEZ. Why can’t they wait to introduce themselves till classes start up tomorrow? I smirk at them.

“Jace” I say and do a little bow with my arm. Showing my tattoo that says: class MISFIT.

“Your tattoos pretty” Veronica says. I can tell that the idea of a tattoo on a girl eeks her out. She has blonde hair pulled up in a pony tail and a long figure. Lacey looks the same but with a longer nose and a soft tilt to the way she stands.

“Oh, well thanks, I have more just where you can’t see them” I say and laugh.

“You act like Dacey and look like Lyle and Fray” Says Lacey.

“Do not compare me to Lyle” I say and turn around and walk out the door. The girls walk out with me.

“Sister” I hear a voice call out. Then impact hits me. Then I hear the ceiling fall right where I was standing. I look up to see a cute boy frowning at me. He has black swishy hair, dimples, lean figure and purple eyes.

“You should be more aware of your surroundings and more careful” he says I notice he’s still holding me. I also notice we’re on the floor and he’s on top of me. I push him off.

“You okay Jace?” Lyle says and holds up his hand that I push away and stand up myself.

“Peachy” I say and wink. The boy is sitting up now. Veronica rushes over to him.

“Are you okay CY?” she says.

“Peachy” he says and smirks. I turn around and locate the stairs. Right now I have rolling shoes with my sneakers. I run to it and stand on the thick railing and give CY the traffic finger and stick out my tongue. Then I go down the railing. I hear a laugh behind me. I jump off the railing and slide to the wall. Then I put the wheels back into my shoes.

“Impressive” says a voice. I turn around and see a boy with bleach blonde curly hair and electric blue eyes and dimples and he’s average height. Plus, he has a cowboy frame and a British accent.

“Thanks” I say in my melodic voice.

“You’re welcome” he says. We both just stare at each other soaking the other in. SILENCE.

“Ya, well this is awkward” I say and he laughs.

“Eh, have you seen where your room is yet?” he says.

“Um, no, not yet” I say, and make a face that makes him laugh.

“SISTER,” I look over and see Lyle running down the stairs towards me waving his arms frantically. I put my hand on my eyes covering the view of the stairs and look back at the strange boy.

“Names’ Morning, yours?” Morning says.

“Jace Kadet” I say.

“You look like a beautiful young lass” he says as he puts his hand on my shoulder, I look at his hand then at him.

All of the sudden I see a fist fly into the scene and connect with Mornings face. Poor Morning.

“Get away from my sister you English scum. I saw you put your hand on her shoulder trying to steal her innocence.” He looks at me with a worried look on his face.


“Are you alright did he scare you? Wait did he hurt you oh he’s in for the beating of a life time let me at him.” He turns around and runs at Morning. He’s an utter idiot. CY and Dacey appear besides Lyle and grabs his arms and restrain him while trying to drag him back.

“You don’t understand, he hurt her and stole her innocence. I was just trying to protect her. Don’t leave her alone with him wait one of you stay no no noooooo!” He screams while they drag him back to his room. I follow them out and cast a sympathetic glance at Morning “Sorry” I mouth. “its okay” he says and smiles. Then sticks out his tongue and winks. Lyle sticks his traffic finger at him.

“Is this true” Dacey says while trying to keep Lyles door closed.

“LYLE YOU’RE AN IDIOT” I yell out at him through the door.

“I was only trying to protect my younger sisters’ innocence” he says sweetly like we’re talking about the weather.

“What innocence?” I say devilishly and grins like the devil himself. Not that Lyle can see but he can imagine. I hear him gasp in horror. He beats at the door.

“Let me out of here so I can see my angelic sisters face I need to give her a Big Brother talk” he says and I roll my eyes. I turn to Dacey and see CY cracking up. I want to slap him. There’s something about him that irritates me.

“Do you need help barring his door?” I say loud enough for Lyle to hear.

“You wouldn’t” he says in a horrified voice.

“How would you know I wouldn’t?” I say.

“Isn’t your name Jace?” says CY.

“No, no her name is Ms. Kadet to you” Lyle yells.

“Ya” I say.

“Ya to calling you Ms. Kadet? Or Ya to Jace?” he says.

“Jace” I say.

“Cyril Laveston” he says in a velvet voice.

“Hey, I didn’t show you to your room yet” Dacey says.

“Let me go with you please!” Lyle says.

“No, you have to think about what you did. If you come with us, I will never forgive you” I say. I hear a plunk.

“Okay” comes a soft reply.

I follow after Dacey and we walk up staircases. Then we arrive at my dorm.

“Have fun” he says.

“Ya thanks” I say. He gives me my key. I take it. Then unlock my room. It’s my very own; don’t have to stay with anyone. Cool. I walk in and see my luggage at the end of my big bed. I go over and open my luggage and get my blanket out along with a picture of my adopted brother that left the house a long time ago and never came back, not even to say goodbye. I walk over to my nightstand and put the picture of my blonde haired brother on the nightstand take off my shoes, get under the covers, and cry myself to sleep.
















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