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1. Chapter One

Rosemary's POV

"Get up Rosemary!" Ms.Lottie yelled ripping the covers off my pale body. "But I don't wanna!" I yelled back at her. "Get up and get dressed today's Adoption Day." She sneered. I rolled my eyes and got up. It's not like I'm getting adopted anyway." I mumbled. She walked out of the room so I could change. I put on some white jean shorts, a light blue tank top, and light blue vans. I brushed through my red curly hair and brushed my teeth before going downstairs to eat some cereal. I met up with my friend,Kyle, and we started talking about this so called 'special day.' "Okay you little snots! I want all of you to be on your best behavior and don't talk unless you're told." Ms.Lottie said. "Yes Ms.Lottie." We all said. She walked over to the door and put on a fake smile before opening it and letting the people in.

Jc's POV

Me and the rest of O2L walked into an orphanage. Today I'd be adopting a kid around 11-15. The guys and I walked into a room then girls came in to be interviewed. Some seemed to girly or just not our type. Soon a girl with curly red hair, green eyes, and freckles came in. I smiled at her making her smile back. "Hi. What's your name?" Connor asked. "I'm Rosemary but you could call me Rosy." She said. "Well I'm Connor, that's Kian, Jc, Trevor, Sam, and Ricky." Connor explained. "So tell us about yourself." Ricky said. "Well before I came here ice loved penny boarding and Taco Bell. I has an obsession with Arizona Tea. I sing a little. Food is my lover and I love the color blue. I like dogs and ferrets and I also like to swim. I love coffee also! That's all though." I said. One "You're just like us!" Trevor said making her smile. "Is that a good thing?" She asked. We all nodded. "What made you come to the orphanage?" Sam asked making me glare at him. "Well my dad was a drunk and liked to beat my mom and me. When I was 10 my mom brung me and my brother Ramie here because she didn't want us to get hurt anymore. They found my mom and dad dead a couple days after. My brother Ramie was adopted a year after and I've been here ever since." She explained to us. "We're sorry." Kian said. "It's not y'all's fault." She said. The owner of the orphanage came in the room and took Rosy away. After a few more girls the guys and I started talking on who we should adopt. "So have you chosen?" The owner asked coming in the room. We nodded, "Rosemary." We said. She seemed really shocked but she walked out and came in with some papers before leaving again. I filled them out and smiled. I have a daughter now.

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