Against my Will

*Different Fandoms/ Characters*

Lily was a normal high school teenagers, she had her bullies, her friends and her boys. Everything felt normal in her life.
But one night Lily is out drinking with one of her friends, and on the way to a party she sees a guy beating up a police officer. She needs to help him, but this time doing the right thing ends her up in the last place she wanted to be. Lily is kidnapped by four guys she doesn't know.. and held against her will.
*Read to find out*


9. Lily

*Back to Lily*

I was in so much pain when I woke up the next morning. I hurt like I had never hurt before. The back of my head was numb, and I was terrified of concussion, so from that moment I didn't close my eyes. Cameron and the other boys appeared just ten minutes later. Cameron had a gun.

"Good morning, how are you today?" Nash asked.

I breathed short, quick breaths, hurting from the inside and outside. "Please, let me go, I... can't..."

"Fucking idiot," Nash said, slapping my face.

I could barely feel the pain in my cheeks anymore, they were swollen and bruised. Zac stood forward as Nash slapped, and I could tell that he wasn't one for this anymore. Jamie looked startled also, both of them had seemed to turn over a new leaf. Last night they had proven to me I could trust them.

I tried to swivel out of the chair. This fucking chair. I couldn't, of course, Cameron had made damn sure of that. 

After a brief talk, Cameron led the boys out of the room. Jamie whispered how sorry he was before leaving. I nodded to him as my eyes started to shut. FUCK! Wake up, Lily, don't sleep. I tried to stay awake for as long as possible, thinking that if I could I would get home. I needed home.

But I knew I never would be home, I was stuck there for as long as my life would continue to be. I prayed that my dad would find me, with those two policemen he was with. I needed them to be here now. Why hadn't they opened the warehouse door and come in last night. But now if they do, Cameron would most certainly kill them and me. I hated him, how could I say I loved him? I hate him. I fucking hate him.

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