Against my Will

*Different Fandoms/ Characters*

Lily was a normal high school teenagers, she had her bullies, her friends and her boys. Everything felt normal in her life.
But one night Lily is out drinking with one of her friends, and on the way to a party she sees a guy beating up a police officer. She needs to help him, but this time doing the right thing ends her up in the last place she wanted to be. Lily is kidnapped by four guys she doesn't know.. and held against her will.
*Read to find out*


6. Benedict's POV

Benedict's POV:

It has been four weeks, a month now. There has been no traces of my daughter, nothing. Are they even trying? She is gone, presumed dead, but yet they haven't been trying their hardest to find her. What am I going to do? She is gone. How do I start looking for her? 

I knew I shouldn't have let her to Eva's party, it's all my fault. 

I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed and answer the knock at the door. It was two policemen. I had seen one of them before, Officer Tom Hiddleston, walking around the streets to keep people safe. He was a nice guy, I had talked to him maybe twice before. But the other guy, someone with brown hair and stubble, looked at me with such a look I felt it under my skin.

"Yes, officers? Has something been found about Lily?" I asked, and invited them in.

We sat around my kitchen table, drinking hot coffee. I offered them something to eat, but they refused and explained they were only here for 'confidential business'. Tom said that it was to be only shared between us three.

"Okay, please... Continue," I said, sipping my coffee.

"The night when your daughter vanished," the other one, now I knew as Officer Johnny Depp, started speaking. "Tom here was attacked by four teenage guys he knew."

"I didn't go to the police or tell anyone," Tom said. "I knew the guys. Four of them. And as I was being attacked for some unknown reason, your daughter was somehow found overlooking the situation. They attacked her and I saw her, I was too hurt to do anything I'm sorry, but they took her."

I didn't process what Tom was saying. "So, what you are saying is that my daughter was taken by these fucking teenagers after you were attacked? She heard you being attacked, ventured further, and her curiosity ended her up kidnapped? Well, what are their names, I'm going to fucking kill them if they have touched her."

"Listen, Benedict.." Tom said.

"Ben," I responded.

"Ben," Tom breathed. "They are just four guys. Four stupid guys. I don't think they would necessarily kill your daughter, but the abuse is almost certain. We have been tracking them but can't seem to find where they have taken your daughter. Cameron Dallas, Jamie Bower, Zac Efron and Nash Grier."

I wrote the names on a bit of paper that was lying on the edge of the table. I knew it wasn't Tom's fault but I still felt an anger rage from no where. I would fucking kill those boys if they hurt my daughter. "Thank you for this, officers. I don't suppose I could help you with the investigation?"

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