the boy in the atttic

this story isn't originally mine but it is by a amazing author so all the credit is on them. I absolutely love this story so enjoy


2. chapter 1

''you've always been up here?'' I asked quietly, not sitting down when he offered but instead after a few minutes had dragged by and my legs became tired.

''pretty much''

he diverted his emerald gaze to look away into the distance and I somehow knew he was reliving whatever incident that had caused him to be here.

''um Harry?'' I asked, still a little hesitant that, that was actually his name.

''yeah?'' he answered and I was relieved to have gotten it right.

''can you touch anyone?'' I knew as soon as I had said it, it sounded wrong. and I could only hope that he didn't take it that way. the cheeky, little smirk that tugged at the sides of his heart shaped lips told me other wise.

''no,'' he shook his head and looked away, trying not to laugh.

''I didn't mean it that way!'' I protested picking up an old, tattered pillow lying on the floor. coughing, I slung it at him and laughed as it hit him on the shoulder, dust flying everywhere. not until he looked at me with emerald eyes the size of quarters did i realise that it hadn't gone through him.

he exchanged glances between both the pillow and me for what seemed like ages buturned t were only seconds before he finally snapped out of his daze. ''throw something else'' he said softly , turning to face me completely.

the request was odd but I done what I was asked as I turned on my side to find something else. my fingers clasped around a broken pencil that was almost hidden in the thick layer of dust that coated the floor.

turning back to face him, I threw the pencil in his direction. it caught him on the shoulder and even though it happened to be the sharp part, he didn't make a fuss about it. his eyes done the same thing to the pencil as they done to the pillow.

''let me touch you.''

his request was simple and oddly understandable but I cowered away as he started to move towards me. ''I didn't mean it in that way!'' he copied my earlier statement. ''just please... let me see if I can feel your touch.'' his words were hesitant.

''if you can feel mine.''

as he spoke he inched closer on his hands and knees. I wanted to move further away yet the thought of touching him glued me to the spot. I nodded my head slowly, feeling my heartbeat increase achingly fast as he diminished the distance between us.

he stopped a few meagre inches in front of me, slowly outstretching a large hand with long, slender fingers. he guided it towards my cheek and just as I thought he would make contact with my skin, he stopped.

''what If it doesn't work?'' he mumbled to himself, looking to the floor in agony. his facial expression was that of utter disappointment. I said the only thing that came to mind. the plain and simple truth.

''then it doesn't work''

and with that, he outstretched his hand again...

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