Between The Stage Lights.

Lyric is eighteen years old, just having graduated form high school and being accepted into the college of her dreams- life is pretty rockin'.

Matthew is twenty one, an uprising singer/songwriter, who just happens to move into a community in Rode Island.

One freak occurrence brings them together, but if the paparazzi need a new star crossed lovers story, and fans don't accept what they think is a budding relation ship, will whatever is between the two last?


7. Lyric.

I wake up on Matthew's shoulder, I sit up and stretch.

"Sorry about falling asleep on you," I say sheepishly.

He smiles at me. "No problem,"

"What time is it?" I ask, looking outside the sky is pitch black dark and I can see the stars twinkling in the night sky.

"Uh, eight thirty two." Matthew tells me.

I nod, I should probably get home. Summer might worry if I'm not home when she gets back. "Ok, thanks for dinner but I think I need to get home."

He half laughs, "I figured. Well, let me walk you home."

I laugh, "I think I can walk a couple feet by myself."

"But it's dark, you never know what kind of creeps will try and grab you."

I raise an eyebrow at him, for all I knew he could be the creep. I shrug and he smiles in victory. We go outside and it's freezing. I wrap my arms around myself and shiver.

"I'm never going to get used to this," Matthew says, "I came from Southern Texas."

"Really? Cool," we reach my door and I thank him again for dinner. He asks for my number and I let him come inside while I scribble it down on a paint pallet sticky note.

"Can I get a hug goodnight?" Matthew asks, he stands halfway on the front porch and halfway leaving.

I smile and nod, then walk into his open arms. He smells like aged vanilla, he squeezed me a little tighter before letting me go and waving goodbye as he leaves.

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