Between The Stage Lights.

Lyric is eighteen years old, just having graduated form high school and being accepted into the college of her dreams- life is pretty rockin'.

Matthew is twenty one, an uprising singer/songwriter, who just happens to move into a community in Rode Island.

One freak occurrence brings them together, but if the paparazzi need a new star crossed lovers story, and fans don't accept what they think is a budding relation ship, will whatever is between the two last?


3. Lyric.

"Hi Mrs. Daven!" I chirp happily. I wave to her from my beach and walk over to her.

"Hello sweetheart!" She replies smiling at me. She's dressed in a pink calico dress and has a cute silver cane that her grandkids got for her, it has pictures of her and Mr. Daven engraved on it.

"How are you?" I ask. I give her a tight hug, she always wears the same strong perfume that smells like roses.  

"Good, I'm good. Have you met the new neighbor?"

"No, someone new moved in?"

"Why yes, he lives on the other side of you."

I look over to the once empty house and notice the curtains are open. Huh. "Maybe I'll take him some cookies and introduce myself."

"That sounds lovley dear, would you bring me and Zach a batch too?"

I turn back around to the sweet woman in front of me. "Of course! How could I not?"


"Summer! I'm going next door!" I call upstairs.

"What?" She runs to the banister and stares at me. "You still need to unpack! We're going out tonight!"

I smile. "Nah, I think I'm going to paint."

She rolls her eyes. "Yeah, ok. I'm gonna miss you though."

"The guilt trick won't work on me, you know that." I laugh as I balance the two plates of cookies on one another.

"Didn't hurt to try." She calls back down.

I get the door to cooperate with me and walk outside. I changed into a pair of straight legged light blue jeans (that have acrylic pain splattered on them from over the countless years) and a purple long sleeve. My hair's tied off into a braid that happily rests on my shoulder and down the front of my shirt, and the few bracelets I have on jangle with every step I take.

I give The Daven's their cookies first, I give Mr. Daven a hug and he tells me that I look more mature every time he sees me.

I pass by my house and remember that I still have a few other bags I need to unpack. I sigh, I don't like having responsibilities. I like being a little kid.

I walk up the driveway to my next door house. It's recently been painted brown, a light shade and it blends in with the trees around it. The door is white and has a pretty vine design stain glass window. It looks a lot like my house, only less welcoming.

I ring the doorbell. Nothing. I check the open garage and there's a car and a pair of skateboards. So it's a couple? Maybe I can persuade them to go out with Summer...

I knock softly on the door and I hear a groan from inside. I feel my face go read thinking they may be in the middle of something but when a guy opens the door looking tired I don't feel so guilty.

He's cute, soft blonde hair cut short and styled to perfection. His deep green eyes strain to stay awake and I smile a little at that. He's wearing a denim button up and a pair of black jeans.

"Hi, I'm Lyric, I live next door."

"Matthew," he says. His voice is a little gravely but I think that's because I woke him up from a nap. He rubs his eye with the palm of his hand and sighs a little.

"I uh, I made these. I thought I'd bring you a batch? As a welcome present?" I say shyly. I've never been good around guys, attractive guys especially.

"Oh, thanks." His eyes light up and happily takes the paper plate. "What kind?"

"M&M's." I say smiling. I giggle as he nearly rips off the plastic wrap and grabs a cookie like he hasn't eaten in days.

"How old are you?" I find myself asking.

"Twenty one." He says through a mouth full of cookie.

"And your... girlfriend? Wife?"

His face falls. "I'm single."

"Oh." I say simply. I feel horrible now, seeing the heartbroken look in his eyes. "I saw two skateboards and I just assumed-"

"It's alright." He cuts me off. He smiles at me. "Would you like to come inside?"

Ooh. Debatable. I bite my lip slightly, then sigh. "I'd love to, but I have a few bags to unpack."

He smiles and nods. "Maybe tomorrow?"

"Sure, I'm right over here," I point to my house and he nods. "Well, bye."

He flashes me a perfect smile. "Bye."



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