My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


9. As I Smile

A year later my boyfriend and i broke up. The 18 year old police officer came over to help me cheer up a month later. He ended up staying the night. He got closer and closer to me as the night grew on and the mover "Warm Hearts" continued. He kissed me, i smiled and things changed between us. I kissed his neck as he smiled and rubbed my shoulders. we snuggled through out the night. both of us finally fell asleep. i woke up and he left me a poem


Dear Ashley, 

I enjoyed my night with you, I'm now smiling from the time we kissed till the time i die.Your as sweet as sugar and as happy as love could ever be. I love you Ashley

​                 Sincerely,



I knew at that point he was a keeper…

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