My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


10. As I Run

When I tuned 20 i married Frankie. We had a child named isabella, she died a tragic death. I cried about it forever. One our anniversary i fought my husband cheating with 3 other girls. I dumped hie sour ass and ran away. I lived in the wild, no original home and no artificial foods nor electronics. I saw Frankie one day hunting. I showed him my skill with my recurve and looked at him then ran off with my pack of wolves. I never saw him again. Nor did anyone else see me, ever. Never to be seen or heard again, i lay in the snow and close my eyes. before i knew it i became still,motionless and cold. As my spirit rose I looked down on those who i lovedI knew at that moment then, the one that loves lasts eternally.

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