My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


6. A Breath Of Fresh Air

It was Monday, September 26.2020

I went to school and wrote to myself all day. It was the only thing that interested me. Even i found it weird, but i did it anyways. Then at 3:56 pm i went home and checked my Facebook. of course my boyfriend and best friends texted me 100 times. But i love to talk to them. They came over for a week a day later. (Best friends, their boyfriends and my boyfriend). The girls and I played minecraft as the guys played Halo4 on the Xbox. About 4 hours later the girls and I made some delicious apple fritter, watched the birds fly by. It was a rainy and snowy night. But, we enjoyed it. We all had some of the apple fritter, and admired it. We got into WARM clothes and went outside then tackled everyone around us, it was a one foe one game. Except my boyfriend and i made a secret alliance. We had a great time. Then a wolf showed up, then ran off. So we let the wolf have its peace and we went inside. We got into our Pj's and slept.I woke up at midnight and then went outside and sat on a branch of a tree then wrote


Dear Diary,

Im so in love with this snow tonight, its so peaceful. Im thinking to myself,"What it all my friends and I lived eternally?" It was the weirdest question i ever thought.


Thats all i wrote, my friends boyfriend came outside when he saw me. I almost fell off the tree he scared me that much. I saw him coming outside and come sit by me as my boyfriend woke up. My friends boyfriend's name was Alex.Alex and i talked for a while, and my boyfriend spied on us…well mostly me.

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