Perrie is so unpopular. She's a transfer student. She's an emo and has no family but when she meets five boys and and three girls she doesn't care about anything all she's afraid of is loosing them.


3. the next day

I got up at 6:30 and jumped in the shower. I got ready. My phone buzzed and it was Zayn saying outside u ready. I ran outside of the boarding and met up with them.

We all walked in together laughing. People were giving us strange looks but we didn't take any notice especially me cause for the first time in my life I didn't care I wasn't popular. I was an emo. I had no family. I had I don't know how many scars from self harming.

Me Zayn Jade and Louis walked to class together and the others walked together to their class. We grabbed a seat at the back I sat next to Zayn and Jade and then louis sat next to Jade. We just talked the whole time.

Our next class was pe. All of us were in the same set for that. We got into partners boy girl. I went with Zayn. Jade and Louis. Leigh-Anne and Liam. Then there wasn't enough partners in the class so Jesy Niall and Harry went together.

It was so fun doing laps around the field seeing who was the fast and who was the slowest and guess who was the slowest me.

School went pretty quick that day but I guess time flys when your having fun. I didn't care what people thought to day cause for the first time I didn't care I hadn't family. I was so unpopular. I had bullies. I didn't care about my scars I had from self harming.

I hope your enjoying it. Comment what you think and don't forget to like and fravouite this please. Sorry if there were spelling mistakes xx

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