Twitter Tips

Let's face it. All of us want that one person on twitter to follow us like Luke Hemmings or Niall Horan. The question though is how do you get the follow.

In this 'book' I'll provide you tips into trying to get those follows and personal experiences of how I got them.


1. Luke Hemmings


*Author's Note*

If you see my username bellow, its no longer @julie_loves1d_

My new user is @xoxlovejulie

I just changed it but its still the same account


I personally had tweeted 
"Still waiting for a follow from someone named Luke Hemmings from 5sos" and I had also had a picture of him to that tweet. I had tweeted that at like 9:50 PM. After I had sent that tweet I didn't tweet at all. Then I was on my phone around 10:15 PM when he followed me.


I don't know the exact number in which I was when he followed. All I know is that when he followed me he was following 18.7k people.






Obviously if you don't know Luke follows quite randomly. He will follow from spam and follow from simple tweets.


Tip 1:
Best idea is if you decide to spam him use "Luke Hemmings from 5sos" somewhere in the tweet because he does follow from indirects.

Tip 2: 

Try to see if someone will spam him in DM's for you. Personally I've been keeping track of how many people he's followed that I have dm'd him and so far he's followed 382 of them.

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