His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


25. Chapter 25

I came backstage while the two love birds talked.


"I'll see you tomorrow Angie." Milan said. I hugged her and she went off with Seth.


I walked to my locker room the lights were off. I flicked it on to be only be pushed on the floor.


"What the hell?" I yelled the figure scotch down and looked at me. I t was Phil.


"You see princess, you took away something that belonged to me and I would like to have that back at wrestle mania or your poor little boyfriend Dean will have something to look for soon." He threatened me.


"You wouldn’t." I hissed he scoffed.


"I will princess." He smiled.


"Why are you doing this?" I asked.


"He has something that I don’t have..." He trailed off.


"And what’s that?" I asked he stood up.


"I've said too much-" I cut him off.


"Just tell me!" I begged.


"Just drop it okay?" He snapped.


"Oh and you might want to check up on Dean..." He smirked and walked out. I busted out my lock room and Ran to Dean's.


I reached his locker room and I hear grunting from the corner and there he was on the floor hissing in pain.


"Jon, what happened?" I asked.


"I was heading to your locker room but these guys in hoodies pushed me into a corner and started to beat me up for no reason and left." He explained. I helped him up.


"Come on, I'll help you get home." I suggested. We walked slowly to the parking lot. I chose to drive because I didn't want Dean to be in pain driving.


"Thanks baby, I love you." He said holding my hand.


"I love you too." I said. Phil has gone too far.


"Are you planning on to defend your title at wrestle mania?" He asked.


"Yeah, against Phil." I said quietly. He looked at me.


"You’re not doing it Angie, he nearly cost you your job with that TLC match." He said.


"I have to Jon." I protested.


"Why is that? For all means you could have gone against Joe." He said. I laughed.


"If I don't do it he is going to hurt someone I truly love and if I do this match its going to prevent that from happening." I explained he sighed. The car stopped in the hotel's parking lot. He looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. He took my hands in his.


"Angie, all I am trying to do is keep you safe. I almost lost you once and I am not willing to lose you again. You could do this match just make sure you come home in one piece." He said and kissed him softly.


"Okay baby, I promise." I took my stuff and helped Dean out of the car. We took the elevator up to his room which revealed Roman and Angel making out. I cleared my throats and Angel rolled off the bed.


"No erections ion the hotel room!" Dean yelled.


"You've been watching total divas weren't you?" I asked he looked around.


"Maybe I was..." He trailed off. I chuckled.


"Were you guys about to do the nasty?" I asked.


"What? No..." They said at the same time. I crossed my arms.


"Angel...?" I raised an eyebrow.


"Yes." Roman admitted. Angel slapped him hard on the shoulder.


"Joe, she wasn't supposed to know!" Angel snapped.


"Well I know now, so there is no point of hiding it anymore because you guys make it so obvious." I explained.


"Whatever, Dean-" She said before I cut her off.


"Can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked. She nodded and went to the other room.


"What's up?" She asked.


"I need to go against Phil at wrestle mania-" She cut me off.


"You’re not doing it Angie, Phil is dangerous." She protested.


"Angel but I have to!" I snapped.


"Why?" She asked.


"Phil threatened to hurt Dean, so if I don't do it Dean's finished. Then I asked him why he was doing this and he said Dean had something he doesn't have." I explained.


"And what’s that?" She asked.


"I don't know, then he told me to go check on Dean; I to his lock room and he was beaten up to a pulp."

"Just remember if he does hurt you or Dean I'll send triple A on his ass." She said. I chuckled.

"Thanks for understanding sis, it really means a lot." I thanked.

"I am just looking out for you because your my sister and I love you." She said.

"Wow you sound like Jon." I blurted out.

"You told him? Tell me!" She demanded.

"Are you guys done with your girl talk?" Dean asked from the living room.

"No!" We both said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Dean, hang out with Roman her is there." I demanded.

"I don't wanna hang out with Joe, he's boring." He protested.

"Hurtful!" Roman yelled. Me and Angel laughed.

Wrestlemania 30

Tonight was the big night. The shield vs. Evolution, Aj vs. Milan, John  cena vs. Cesaro, and last but not least me vs. Punk...Oh wait there is a twist it's a no hold barned match so I am gonna be hurting like a bitch.

"Your not doing this match especially with Phil." Dean bursted through the door. I still haven't told him the whole story.

"Yes, I am, I have no choice to." I replied.

"Why is that?" He asked. I was really getting mad that I had to kepp this from him. I mught as well tell him the truth.

"That night you got beat up, Phil was in my locker room and her said that if I don't give him the rematch he would hurt you." I explained.

"So this is why your against Phil?" He asked.

"Yes, and the only way to not make things worse is that I have to let him win." I answered.

"So you are just gonna throw him the match?" He asked.

"Just to keep you safe, and everybody else safe." I replied and looked down. I felt arms around my waist.

"You didn't have to do that just to make me safe, but you gotta do what you gotta do. That's why I love you." He explained.

"I love you too, I'll see you after my match." I said. I let go and headed to the gorilla with my championships. I looked down at them and remembered when I first won them.

"You faught good that night." A voice said from behind. I turned around there stood Phil.

"Thanks..." I trailed off.

"Why so blue-" I cut him off.

"Your acting nice all of a sudden? I had to lie to my boyfriend to keep him safe from being in the hospital. Well tonight is gonna be a hell of a easy match for yah because I am gonna throw the match." I snapped.

"You don't have to do that." He pleaded.

"To keep the person I love safe I've got to take risks." I said. My music blared and I went out. My first wrestlemania and I am nervous. It would suck to lose at my first one but I gotta keep my man safe.

The bell rang and we locked up. Phil kept punching me.

"I am not gonna let you do this, I am gonna let you win. I was stupid for doing the things I did to you." He said under his breath. Phil rolled out the ring and walked up the ramp. the referee counted to ten, I took the mic.

"Phil please stop." I said and he did.

"This is wrestlemania; people came here to watch full on blood, sweat, an tears match. Right now forget everything and let's end wrestlemania with a bang." I said. The crowd. Started to chant "Do the match" Phil was about to leave.

"Please Phil." I begged. He turned around and started to walk down the ramp I smiled. He slid into the ring. The bell rang again and we locked up. My head was on the gold. I know was supposed to throw the match but I couldn't leave my first wresltemania as a loser.

"Punk I am weak, we need to finish the match one way or another." I suggested. We were backstage and all the superstars and divas were watching us even my dad. I saw the staircase and figured to spear him down the stairs.

"Okay are you ready? I am gonna finish." Phil said. I nodded. He went for the GTS but little did he know that I would spear him down the stairs. He lift me over his shoulders I dropped down and SPEAR! I went for the pin.



3! "Your winner of this match and still WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Angie!" The ring announcer said.

Phil was hurting, I wanted to go and help but it reminded me of what he did to me. I see Phil started to lift his head. he looked straight at me and I walked away.

"Guess who is still champion?" I asked putting a fake smile on my face. By the look on Dean's face he knew something is up. Then he turned to the screen.

"Look at the screen." Dean demanded. We all looked at the screen and it showed Phil destroying everything while heading to the parking lot.

"Oh my god." I said quietly. I dropped my titles and headed towards the parking lot without saying a word to the others.

I reached the parking lot and I see Phil walking towards his tour bus.

"Phil!" I shouted. He stopped.

"Why would you do that?" He yelled.

"Phil, you got men to beat up my boyfriend, you think I am not hurting? I guess not huh?" I snapped.

"I would have kicked out and won but I have better plans." He smirked.

"Don't you dare put your hands on Jon!" I demanded but he started to walk away. I ran up and grabbed him arm.

"Why are you doing this to Dean? I have the things you want!' I yelled.

"Dean has something I wanted for a long time." He trailed off.

"And what's that?" I asked.

"He has you..." Was the last words he said before he left to his tour bus. I was left stunned. Did he really just said?


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