His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


23. Chapter 23

After me and Deans talk it was dark and Angel was spending the Night at Romans room because I wanted to be alone for the night. I couldn't sleep. Just the thinking that Milan is gone just kills me. I put on my ugg slippers and headed to her room.

The door was cracked open. I looked before I went in. The room was trashed. Her suitcase was open so of course I went through it. Then something caught my eye. The friendship necklace that she had. It was my birthday when she gave me this.


"Wakey Wakey Gorgeous." She sighed.

"What...?" I groaned.

"You know Punk is having a follow spree on twitter today in the next 20 minutes." She said I shot up. She laughed.

"That's not funny Milan." I whined.

"I am sorry it was the only way to get you up." She giggled I rolled my eyes and sat up. She pulled out a pile of pancakes and with candles.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Your birthday breakfast." He answered I blew the candles out and we both ate the pancakes.

"I got something for you." She said and went off I continued to eat the pancakes when she came back with two black boxes. I set the plate down and looked at her confused.

"What are those?" I asked. She sat down next to me and opened both boxes. I gasped. Both boxes had a necklace with a heart.

"These are for our strong sisterly like friendship. Angie I consider you like a sister I never had. You are y other half, we fan girl together, we read fanfics together, we do everything thing together. I love you very much Angie." A tears fell out my eyes. She held up the necklace and it had my name incrusted in it.

"Thanks Milan, thanks to you I have a life now. I love you too." I said and I hugged her tightly.

End of Flashback...

I cried at the necklace. It feels like she is still her with me.

"I had a feeling you were in here." I chocked on my tears and looked back and it was Phil.

"Say what you gotta say to me Phil just tell me everything you need to get off your chest!" I demanded. I walked up to me and smirked. He crouched down so we could become face to face.

"Your worthless, a waste of space, and a waste of time, and I truthfully regret meeting you, taking you backstage, and kissing you, calling you beautiful, which you are not. It should have been you in that hospital bed instead of Milan." He snapped and left. I looked at the empty space speechless.

I walked back to my room and cried my eyes out. His words kept roaming my head as I cried even harder. Them slowly I fell asleep.

I woke up later that day and it was 2pm. I stretched and decided to head to the gym to take out some anger out of my system. I reached the gym and see the guys there I waved and put my headphones on.

I was punching the punching back like a maniac. I punched the bag until it broke off. Everyone looked at me.

"What?" I snapped and everyone looked away. I rolled my eyes. I picked up the bag and put it in the corner.

There was another punching bag so I went over and started to punch it until I felt arms wrap around my waist. I smiled a little. I turned around and looked at him.

"You wanna talk about it? Because I don't want you to break off that punching bag." He suggested. I nodded and he took my hand to a near by bench outside.

"What's wrong baby?" He asked I looked at him.

"I couldn't sleep last night. So I went to Milan's room-." He cut me off.

"Angie, she just passed away, don't you think you need a little time before you did something like that?" He asked.

"I know but I just needed to." I said. I pulled out the necklace.

"What's this?" He asked.

"It's a sisterly friendship necklace she gave me as a gift for my birthday last year." I explained. A tear escaped my eye. Dean wrapped his hands around me.

"It's okay, it's gonna be fine." He said. I pulled away.

"Dean, do you think I am worthless?" I asked looking down at the ground.

"No. Why would you ask that?" He asked.

"While I was in Milan's room Phil came in... And I didn't want to deal with anyone at the moment then I told him to tell me everything he had to say..... and he said "I was worthless, a waste of space, and a waste of time, and he truthfully regret meeting me, taking me backstage, and kissing me, calling me beautiful, which i am not. It should have been me in that hospital bed instead of Milan-n." I stuttered. I looked at Dean and his hands were in his hands.

"You don't deserve all this Angie. I am gonna deal with Phil-" I stopped him.

"Don't hurt Phil." I told him quietly.

"Don't hurt him? Angie he called you worthless and your my girlfriend I am not gonna let him treat you like this. I am gonna beat the crap out of him one way or another." I said. I nodded and he pecked my cheeks.

"I love you Dean." I said into his chest.

"I love you to baby, and I will keep you safe." He said and kissed the top of my head and left.

I chose to walk back home and get ready for tonight's raw.

I reached the arena and checked the bulletin board. Dean had a match against Cesaro, Seth and Roman had a match against the USOs. Well I guess I have no match. I heard Someone cough so I turned around. I groaned it was Phil and Mia.

"Kama is gonna get you real good for what you did to me last a few weeks ago." Mia threatened.

"Karma is a real bitch." I said.

"The real bitch is you." Phil spoke up.

"So you have more things to say now?" I asked getting very mad.

"I already said what I had to say, and if I need to say more; I say it when I want to." He said. I heard breathing from behind me I looked and see Dean with a look of anger.

"Aww well look its the weak link Dean." Mia cooed.

"Shut it Mia, not to long ago you wanted me." He spatted she went quiet I giggled.

"You don't talk to my girl like that Ambrose." Phil said walking into Dean's face.

"If she was really your girl then why does half the locker room have her number?" Dean smirked. Phil punched Dean right in the face. Dean had a look of surprise.

"Should've have done that Phillip." Dean grinned with a drip of blood coming from his mouth. Dean ran into Phil and he continued to punch him referees came a broke them up. We saw Triple H and Stephanie came.

"Okay break it up you two, now come to my office!" Stephanie demanded. We walked to her office and sat down.

"This is a business guys. Punk you just like to make things worst and just for that. You are defending your title tonight against Angie in a TLC match." She said. I smiled.

"Stephanie you can't do that!" Phil shouted.

"I just did. Now go get ready for you match." She told Phil and he left.

"And as for you Dean, the hounds won't be at ringside for your match." She said and he nodded and left. It was just me and Stephanie in the office.

"I am sorry Stephanie, Phil made it too personal-" she cut me off.

"Sweetie when it come to Phil he likes to play mind games and takes it way to far. I know your going through a lot right now and I thought it would be nice to have your first championship match. Just to make you feel better." She said I smiled. I hugged her tightly.

"Only if you were my real mom Stephanie." I whispered.

"From here on out I am your mother. Now got get ready for your match." She said I giggled. I walked out happy. I walked Into my locker room and see Angel on her laptop on tumblr fangirling of course.

"Hey Girly." Angel said. I sat down beside her. I looked at her screen "Ambrie"?

"What's Ambrie?" I asked.

"You and Deans ship name duh?" She said.

"Now way we have a ship name? Search us up I wanna see." I told her she went to go search is up and there was loads of photos coming up. They were all sweet and funny.

"I am totally gonna ship you guys." Angel said I giggled.

"So that means I could ship you and Roman?" I asked.

"Of course you can, I even ship myself with Roman." She admitted.

"You are ridiculous." I said.

"So what happened outside?" She asked closing her laptop.

"Phil being a jack ass, I'll explain later. I need to get ready for my match tonight." I said and got up.

"Who are you going against?" She asked.

"Phil, For that championship gold that his hanging around his waist in a TLC match." I answered she gasped.

"Okay. As in Tables, ladders, and Chairs TLC?" She asked I nodded.

"Don't worry Angel I got this." Was all I said before I went to get changed.

I came out in my ring attire just on time when the stage manager told me I was time for me to head to the gorilla.

I reached the gorilla and Dean just finished his match with Cesaro.

"Hey babe." I pecked his lips.

"Hey, you ready for your match?" He asked.

"Yeah, but I am nervous. Phil can be very vicious." I said getting a little worried.

"I know he can. But you can be vicious to. If you put your head in the game." He said I smiled and rested my forehead against his.

"I love you Dean." I said quietly.

"I love you too." He said and kissed my lips softly.

The stage manger called me up. I took a deep breath and looked at Dean one more time. He nodded and blew me a kiss. I blushed.

My music blared threw the arena thousands of fans chanting my name. I slapped fans hands and slid into the ring. I asked for a mic and they gave it to me.

"You guys are probably wondering why there is Tables, Ladders, and Chairs all over the place. I Angie, will be taking that championship title from a guy you all know as CM Punk." I started and the crowd booed.

"Yeah, I hate him too. Now let me tell you a little story about Punk; we were friends but that friendship you guys used to see before was fake, he is a fake-" I was about to continue when his music blared the crowd booed him even louder.

"I am fake? Nah, I don't think so. Your nothing but a worthless slut. You guys wanna know a little story about little miss Angie here? She sleeps around with at least half the locker room, all she does is brag about her self. Oh and that little relationship between her and Ambrose.... Just crap." He explained.

The whole entire arena was quiet. I felt myself tense up about to throw a punch when I calmed my self down.

"Okay, now it's my turn to get everything off my chest. I love Dean, okay let me admit when we kissed when I was training for my comeback that meant nothing to me. You're nothing but a liar. You ask me on a date then the next day I see out with Mia talking BS about me at an FCW event. When I forgave you for what you have done I thought you were forreal but that was a lie. I regret actually liking you, having you as a friend, I regret you even exist." Was the last words I said. I gave the mic back and the bell rang.

15 minutes in to the match and almost everything was destroyed. Phil tried to close line me but he missed he went to go do another but I kicked him in the jaw instead he fell back.

I had to say Phil was a good wrestler and he really bring his A-Game for this match. The referee signalled me that we need to finish the match. My leg was aching. I spotted a ladder and a knocked out Phil. I took the ladder and opened it up put Phil in between and slammed the ladder on his chest. I winced in pain.

I took him and rolled him into the ring. I grabbed a table and placed it by the turn buckled I went to the other side and waited for Phil to get up. I closed my eyes and hoped this spear would win this.

He finally got to his feet I bolted towards him and speared him threw the table. I groaned in pain as my head hit the table first. I rolled Phil to the middle of the ring and and pinned him.





My music blared threw the arena, I am the new champion.

"Your winner of this match and new WWE champion Angiiie." I placed my head on the mat and I started to tear up. I felt arms around me. I got up and faced Dean. E hugged my tightly.

"AMBRIE!" The crowed roared out ship name.

"I am so proud of you baby." Dean whispered in my ear while hugging me tightly. The referee gave me the title and I held it up. I see Stephanie enter the ring with Hunter. I could see her eyes water.

She held out her arms waiting for me to hug her I walked up to her and she hugged me.

"I am so proud of you sweetie." She said I nodded. Phil finally got up and he gave me a glare. I walked up to him.

"Thought I never got the gold huh?" I asked.

"You are such a bitch and when I get my rematch I am gonna beat you down like one you get that." Was all he said when he left the ring. I smirked.

I went to my locker room and there was someone in a hoodie. The person turned around my face dropped and my eyes widened.

"Do you believe in ghost?" She asked.


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