His Princess: A Cm Punk Love Story

Abused as a child. Went through hell in high school until she met Milan. They live together train at FCW. When one night at Monday Night Raw Changed Everything.. It must say PG-13 but there is gonna be some scene where it's gonna be rated if you are not at the age where you cannot not understand what it means don't read the story...


1. Chapter 1

The name is Angie, born at Madison J cole Hospital on Oct 12th in Orlando, Florida. Looking back I have realized that I was huge mistake, like my mom was on drugs and she was very abusive, she would hit me for no forgiving reason; and when she says she's going to "work" she really being a part time prostitute in order to get money.

It came to a point when my mom came home with a man I was in my room of course staring at the wall because I didn't have a tv In my room. I heard my door open so I pretended to sleep so she wouldn't get mad.

"My little mistake." I heard my mom say to the man as she closes the door. After the door was completely shut I burst into tears.

I heard the front door shut so I thought the man left. Then I hear footsteps coming toward my door so I quickly shut my eyes and the door opened someone came in and immediately locked the door. My heart was beating so fast it was faster than a cheetah. The person sat at the edge of my bed and felt all over my body I tried to make a run for it but the person was strong enough to tackle me on to the bed, i tried to scream for help but instead I had a hand around my neck trying to take all the air I had left. I opened my eyes and see a man on me. My fist were clenched up and hit his face I quickly ran to the door when the man grabbed me and threw me on to the bed.

"Help!" I screamed
"No ones gonna hear you sweetheart." He said smirking. I was crying and scared of what he was going to do to me. Then at the blink of an eye I was getting rapped... Then about 2 months later he moved in. I thought he just a one time thing until he continuously come into my room then I realize that shit just got real... And when I would complain to my mom about him she would hit me because she think I am just making this stuff up.

Then I went to hell itself called high school... Yippie!... Not. Anyways everyday I would get bullied because I didn't have this or That but mostly because I had bruises and hickeys and they would call my a whore because I had then all the time, and get get suspended for getting into fights. When I hit 10th grade I changed I was depressed, quiet always thought about killing myself. Then I came to a day where I found a razor I hid it in a little case so no one would find it. Later that day when I was walking to class I was dragged into the janitors and see the quarterback of the football team. It was like I was a little doll for people that they could just abuse in any type of way. So I didn't bother to go back to class I ran out of school and it was pouring rain outside but I didn't care I just wanted to be alone. So I walked to the nearest park and sat by a tree and just cried my eyeballs out like I did when I watched titanic. But then I remembered I had a blade.

I grabbed the blade out of the little case and took a breath when I was cutting me skin open. Then ever since that day I would come to the same exact tree and cut myself and when my arms where out space to cute I would go to a local bathroom take the blade and cut open my back. Then one day I cut my wrist so deep I was pouring out blood I didn't care anymore I just sat there until I was more then I passed out.

I opened my eyes thinking I was dead when really I was in a hospital room. I was confused my eyes were blurry And my head hurt badly. I look to my side and see a girl on the chair next to me.

"Who are you?" I asked sitting up.

" I'm Milan, we go to the same high school; I usually walk through the park to get to the apartment complex behind it, when I saw you I was assuming you we're sleeping so I went over to wake you up then I see you we're passed out pouring out blood so I called the ambulance and you had to have 33 stitches and a blood transfusion; and lucky you I gave you y blood." She explained I just stood there silent.

"You didn't have to do that." I told her breaking of the silence staring to tear up.

"Look I may be a stranger to you but I want gonna let you die out there!" She snapped. I just stared at her in complete shock I didn't expect anyone to give me their blood especially someone from my school.

" I should have died out there." I said as she started to tear up.

"Listen, I see how you get treated-d and I was scared that if I went out there and helped you the things they do to you they would do to me." She said crying.

When I thought about it I would have been in her same position to see some one get abused like I was abused.

"I am sorry-y" she stuttered trying to calm herself. I gently got of the bed and took a seat beside her I started to run her back to comfort her.

"Why are you apologizing? It's not your fault; just to think about it I would have been in your same position if it was you getting abused like that, and thank you for saving my life." I explained to her.

"You Welcome." She said.

"Isn't you parents worried about you? Like how long have you been here?." I asked concerned.

"I have been here ever since you were admitted, I don't live with my parents they both died in a car crash 3 years ago so I live alone. She explained. By the look on her face I could tell she misses her parents.

"Where are you parents? Because I never seen them come in and see you." She asked. I just froze and looked down starting to tear up.

"I live with my abusive mother and her rapist of a boyfriend..." I muttered.

"Does that explain th-" I cut her off.

"Yes it explains the hickeys and the bruises." I finished her sentence. After a moment of explaining my life to Milan she was crying but not too much it's like the cry when Rue died in the Hunger games.

"Come live with me." She suggested.

I shrugged knowing that I could never leave my house I was basically a prisoner.

"Look Milan, it would be cool living with you but it will be completely impossible leaving my house." I explained to her.

" I have a plan." She said smirking. I looked at her as she was crazy but I listened to her anyways.

"Around 10pm I'll park outside your house, when you give me a signal that your mom is sleeping. Then you will open your window I will grab your stuff load it into the car then you climb out and she will never know that you left." She said looking like a evil professor guess she's been watching some serious PowerPuff Girls. It was a good idea but I was scared at the same time. But to think a new life with out being continuously abused would be cool. So I accepted.

"I'll do it." I said smiling.

5 Years later...

I graduated I still live with Milan and no word from my mom.

I made popcorn to go watch tv with Milan.

"What are we watching?" I asked handing the bowl of popcorn to Milan.

"Monday night Raw. She said with excitement.

I jumped off the couch and ran to get my Cm punk shirt... And yes I like Cm punk.

"Why didn't you tell me there was wrestling today." I asked returning back to the couch.

"I thought you knew!" She snapped.

"Ugh!" I said looking at the tv.

"Still sore from that match with Paris? Milan's asked. We both had jobs at Victoria secret to pay off FCW it's where me and her train for wrestling. Me and Milan made plan on making it to the WWE main roster one way or another.

Look in my eyes, what do you see?

The Cult of Personality!

I snapped out of my thoughts when Cm Punk's music hit and I jumped onto the couch screaming.

"ANGIE CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Milan screamed.

"Oh sorry." I say back down and watched him do pipebomb after pipebomb; I couldn't resist myself every time I hear his theme music... And if you think I am crazy Milan nearly passed out every time she see's Seth Rollins.

"We need to get tickets my husband needs to see me." Milan said. Apparently she is "Married" to Seth Rollins. So I just laughed.

"I got that handled." I said. Milan looked at me as I was crazy. She knew how much tickets cost. But it was our dream to go to a live event so right in front of her eyes I popped out 2 tickets right behind the barricade.

"You didn't!" She squealed grabbing the tickets.

"I did!" I squealed as well I couldn't keep it in I never thought I would do that because I am not how you say the "Girly girl".

"We are gonna meet WWE superstars, meet Seth Rollins, stare at Seth Rollins, get Seth Rollins auto-." I cut her of my placing my hand on her mouth because honestly that the most she said Seth Rollins name in one sentence.

"We go next Monday." I said removing my hand from her mouth.

"Thanks Angie, you are the greatest friend a girl could ever have." She said smiling and pulling me into a hug.

"Aww, no need to thank me I still never repaid you for what you did so this is my early-birthday-thank-you gift." I said.

"You are one special girl Angie." She said heading to her room.

"And you are one special girl as well." I said as we headed to our beds and went off to sleep.


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