Happy Ever After

Kylie is just a normal popular 16 year old but as soon as Kaden joins the school everything in her life goes down hill. When he finds out that she has a crush on him and she finds out he has a crush on her, will any of them have the courage to ask each over out? Or will Charlie try to stop them?


1. Just a normal morning

Kylie's Prov 

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Fuck I have to get up now or I will be late. I have to curl my hair, put on my make up and put on my new pink and purple short skater dress. So I got up brushed my teeth, got my curling-iron and curled my hai, after that I put on my make I relised that it had to match with my dress so I put on pink lipstick, pink blusher, purple eye shadow and foundation. Last of all I put on my new skate dress! As I walk down the stairs my mum says, " Morning darling!" I didn't even answer her, I just walked straight pass her. When I got into the kitchen I grabbed an apple, the I walked back into the living room and grabbed both of my keys one for my pink convertible and the other one is my house key then left the house and got into my car.


Kaden's Prov 

"Wake up sunshine or your going to be late!" my mum exclaimed 

I replied looking at my alarm clock, "Mum it's 6:00am!"

My mum asked, "Don't you want to make a good first impression?"

I answered, "Yes anyway I'm up now you can leave." As soon as I said that she did leave and I got out of my bed and went straight into the bathroom to brush my teeth.After I finished brushing my teeth, I looked into my wardrobe to see what I could wea but I had no clue wear today what I should wear. So I just went onto brushing my hair! When I finished brushing my hair I looked back into my wardrobe and found my black skinny jeans with a white skull t-shirt that says 'Bad Ass' on the back.with a black leather jacket and that was my outfit for the day. Once I was full dress I went downstairs gabbed a slice of toast and my house key wich had my ca key attached to it. Then I left the house and jumped into my white range rover.


Charlie's Prov 

"Why me?" I asked myself before noticing that I had to get up. Today I really didn't want to get up because Kylie dumped me yesteday. I got up and went into my bathoom to brush my teeth, then I bushed my hair. After I finished bushing my hair, I looked into my wadrobe to see what I could wear today, so I pulled out my black skinny jeans, with my plain blck t-shirt and my leathe jacket. I went downstairs to find out that nobody's there, I guess my mum and dad has gone to work again. So I just grabbed a apple and my car keys and left the house. Then I got into my black honda civics.


Sorry guys I have a lot of homework to do so I am going to get a head start. I will write the second chapter tomorrow.

See ya xxxx


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