my love story

I like this guy name Harry Styles I see him and I like him but I'm very shy and nervous to talk to him and ask him out, I want to tell him how I feel about him because he is like my true love so I want to get to know him, I want to ask him out I love his hair, smile, laugh, personality, & so much more so I am walking somewhen and I see him we bumped next to each other out of nowhere and he says hi and I say hi and he's says are you alright? I tell him I'm ok then he tells me "would you like to go on a date with me"? I say "yes" I love too then he comes to pick me up he takes me on a romantic date and we tell each other about ourselves so then we you finish the date and he takes me home later we both had a wonderful time on our date then he says he likes me and then I tell him that I like him too he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek we say "goodnight" to each other and he asks you out and I tell him yes we loved and that is true love and that's to express yourself and how you feel


1. true love story

I love to express myself and tell my feelings about someone I like which is Harry Styles because he is a great guy he has a great personality, cute smile, laugh, and so much more how I want to get to know him no matter how I feel like if I get shy or nervous to tell that Harry how I really feel about him then sometimes I can always write it in a love letter and you can give it to him when you can meet him and he can read it when you give it to him you like and he likes you because you mean a lot to him, your a great person, honest, loyal, strong, be yourself, because love is a gift and you can find that special someone one day.

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