Evil is as Evil Does

"Evil is as Evil does, so am I really the Evil one?" The woman asks with a devilish grin.

"DEMON!" The burly man yells. He grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.


1. Preface


She peers around the corner clutching the small bundles close to her chest. The alley is dark and ominous. Can it conceal her from those terrible malicious men that are after her? She can hear their distant footsteps against the brick path. She turns the corner into the alley not risking looking back. She has to protect her children at all cost. The two small fragile beings wrapped in black velvety cloth are her last hope. She holds them tighter. She can't let go.

She ducks down behind a garbage can and boxes just as three men dressed in black pass by. They were holding guns and concealed there faces behind black masks. Cowards. They pass by without glancing in her direction.

She hears two pairs of footsteps walking towards the mouth of the alley. She holds her breath. The boy with red eyes squirms and makes a whimpering sound. She tries to hush the child but it is too late. The footsteps stop.

"Did you hear that?" A husky man's voice asks. The woman peers through a small gap between two boxes. It was a burly man with dark grey hair and stone cold dull blue eyes.

Another leaner man turns towards the alley. "I think it came from here." He states as he takes a few steps into the alley. Any further and they might see her and her newborn sons. She crouches lower and tries to conceal herself into the shadows. Her midnight black hair hides half her pale face. Her neon blue eyes glow in the dark. She squeezes her eyes shut and prays for the safety of the two babies she holds.

The blue eyed baby smiles up at her and his blue eyes glow with happiness. How could he be happy? The red eyed baby cries out and his flame like eyes burn bright.

"There!" One of the men yell out. Oh no.

She hides the children in a box just before the burly man lays eyes on her. She glances at the silent children. She didn't have a choice but to abandon them. "Silentium," she mutters under her breath. She casts one last spell for their protection. Silence. It will ware off in an hour but those men cannot take them. They would kill her sons and she cannot allow that no matter what happens.

"What did you say?" The lean man snaps at her.

She flinches slightly at his tone. "A prayer." She says. She straightens her posture. If she was going to die she was going to die with dignity.

"God will never save such an unholy creature such as yourself!" The burly man says with a harsh voice. "You spawn of Satan!"

A small smile appears on her lips. Not from his comment, but because she saved her children, and that was her goal. She opens her glowing blue eyes. Darkness always favored her, and she favored it. "Evil is as Evil does." She says with an innocent smile. "So am I really the evil one?" She cocks her head awaiting an answer.

"You DEMON!" The burly man says as he pulls out his gun, cocks it, and aims it at her head. "Any last words, Sirenna, the enchantress?" He asks impatiently.

"Just a few," she says with a small smile. She pauses a few seconds. "He's alive, and he's out for blood." Her smile widens. The man grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.

Her body falls limp and her blood seeps from the wound staining the bricks beneath her. Her black hair fans out around her face. Her eyes stop glowing and she dies with a smile on her face.

The lean man bends down and hoists her small figure over his shoulder. They walk away leaving the woman's sons abandoned in the dark alley.

***Three Hours Later***

Both of the twins are crying and the sound is bouncing off the walls. The unnamed children squirm in the boxes awaiting their mother whom will never return.

"Vince!" A woman's voice exclaims. "Do you hear that?" She asks. Her voice was laced with concern for the person or people that were crying, despite the fact that she did not know them. Her chestnut hair was braided on the side and tied with a red ribbon. Her soft green eyes search for the source of the crying. Her heart ached with sorrow. She must find them.

"Yes, Beth, I believe it's coming from the alley!" The tall man beside her states. He had dark hair and wore glasses. His tall figure towered over that of Beth's.

The couple stopped in the mouth of the dark alley. "I have to help them." Beth says and heads deeper into the alley. Vince sighs and follows after her.

Beth searched frantically for the sound of the crying which echoed off the walls. "There!" She said as she knelt down beside a cardboard box. "Vince, look!" She smiled down at the two sad baby boys wrapped in black velvety cloth.

Vince knelt down beside her. "My God!" He exclaimed. The couple looked into the babies' glowing blue and red eyes and knew what they must do.

"Your safe now." Beth cooed as she lifted the blue eyed boy into her arms. The baby stopped crying and nestled into her shoulder.

Vince smiled and lifted the red eyed boy up. He hugged him against his chest and the boy's crying stopped. "Beth, our prayers have been answered."

"Indeed," she says smiling. "I'm going to call you Angel." She says to the boy in her arms. "And you're going to be Phenix!" She says to the boy in her husband's arms. The red eyed boy smiled softly, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


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