Evil is as Evil Does

"Evil is as Evil does, so am I really the Evil one?" The woman asks with a devilish grin.

"DEMON!" The burly man yells. He grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.


3. Chapter Two

Christmas 2006

It was a tradition in the Danvers family to not use any source of light but the Christmas tree lights and candles on this particular holiday. All through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Beth baked cinnamon cookies that filled the house with its sweet aroma. Vincent was finishing up the Christmas tree and decorating it was candy canes and colorful lights.

When Vincent was finished, Angel climbed up a small stepping stool and placed the shining Angel on the tippy top of the tree. It was something he got to do every year.

Phenix on the other hand enjoyed staring into the fire of the candles which sat alined on the countertops. Christmas wasn't his favorite holiday. He thought it befitted Angel's cheerful ways but not his.

Phenix got bored of the commotion in the living room and got up and headed to his bedroom. Angel noticed his gloomy brother and followed after him.

Nix sat on his desk staring at the flame in his candle. He watched it flicker back and forth, back and forth. He watched its hellish colors dance and change from yellow to orange, orange to red. He tilted his head and imagined it being a Phenix, spreading its wings and tilting his head back, releasing a roar. "Be a Phenix." He mumbled under his breath. The flame flickered and two orange color wings spread away. A head appeared and opened up.

"Whoa!" Angel's voice interrupted his concentration. "That was so cool! How did you do that?!" Angel asked in excitement. The Phenix disappeared and a regular flame took its place.

Nix sighed. It probably wasn't him. "I don't know." He said.

"C'mon!" Angel complained "tell me!" He demanded in a whining tone.

Nix looked at his brother. "Fine." Nix got up from his seat and gestured for Angel to sit.

Angel sat down eagerly. "Okay, now tell me!" He said.

"Imagine what you want the flame to be, then say, be whatever it is." Nix directed, not confident it would work again.

Angel's brows furrowed in concentration. He watched the dancing flame and imagined a wolf, his favorite animal. "Be a wolf." He commanded the flame. The flame flicked and formed into a howling wolf head. "Whoa! That is awesome!" Angel exclaimed.

Nix smiled. So he wasn't normal after all? He never wanted to be normal, he wanted people to except him for being different. The only person who truly knew now was Angel, his ten year old twin brother.

The twins went on like that for an hour, thinking of different animals and making the flame turn into it. They never got bored of it, ever.

"Angel, Nix, time for presents!" Beth's voice broke their concentration.

Angel sat up and took off out the door. "Presents!" He exclaimed like a small child.

Nix followed after him. When he reached the door frame he looked back at the lit candle. "Light be gone." He said and the flame was gone, nothing more than a trail of smoke.

The whole family sat around the tree opening their presents. Vincent got a cologne kit, and Beth got a robe with matching slippers. Angel feverishly unwrapped his gift. It was the hit new toy everyone wanted, a nerf gun. "Yes!" Angel exclaimed. Beth handed Nix a heavy medium sized box. When he held it, it seemed to squirm. Nix's eyes widened. He opened the box as fast as he could. A black lab puppy launched itself at Nix and began licking his face, happy to be free.

The puppy was wagging his tail like a weapon. His chocolate brown eyes were soft and kind. His pitch black fur gleamed. Nix smiled, he always wanted a dog, something that loved him unconditionally. "I'm going to call you Demon." He announced happily. It was a name he was called often for his demonic red eyes. The color of hell flames was permanently instilled into him and forever marked him as evil no matter how many times Beth denied it. The other kids at school would yell and call him a demon as they threw rocks at him. Many times Angel would come running and chase them off, other times he wasn't so lucky. The dog was nothing like a Demon but if Phenix wanted a dog that would follow him to hell and back Demon would be a befitting name.

The puppy gave a small bark in response and wagged his tail. Beth and Vince looked at each other and shrugged.

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