Evil is as Evil Does

"Evil is as Evil does, so am I really the Evil one?" The woman asks with a devilish grin.

"DEMON!" The burly man yells. He grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.


4. Chapter Three


Angel stumbled into the dark house in a drunken manner. That party had him beat. It was 2am and Beth and Vince were in North Carolina visiting Beth's dying sister. They only had enough money for two plane tickets so Angel and Phenix stayed home. Angel felt like throwing up, yet he had a stupid grin on his face. He had been with the most popular girl in school drinking the night away at her older brother's party.

Everything was too dark to make out and Angel's vision was blurry. He tripped over the coffee table and barely caught himself against the wall. He stifled a laugh, not wanting to wake up Nix. That would mean hell. He straightened himself up and proceeded for his bedroom.

A deep dragged out sigh broke through Angel's haziness. "God, Angel." He heard a voice say with an irritated tone.

The lights flashed on and blinded Angel. His hands flew up trying to stop the light but failed. "W-what?" He chokes out. His eyes adjust to see his identical twin brother's red eyes burning into his skin. Nix is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Clearly not entertained. His black hair is slightly ruffled. His eyes burn with such focus, he clearly didn't just wake up now.

"You idiot!" He scolded with a cold voice. "What were you thinking!? Getting drunk gets us off guard and we could possibly expose ourselves!" Phenix yells at the drunken Angel.

Angel laughs at his brother. "You mean like coming out of the closet of hell?" He asks with mockery.

Nix closes his eyes and releases a long sigh. "Angel…" he begins with a firm voice. "Don't be so damn careless, we don't know what we're capable of. You could have hurt someone!"

Angel tried to focus his glowing blue glare on a blurry Nix. "Yeah, I get it. I can't have fun. Whatever." Angel starts walking off to his bedroom with his hand over his head. He had the worst headache in the history of the world.

Phenix releases a growl if frustration. He stretches his hand out towards Angel, without touching the boy, grasping at him with his power like an extension of his arm and pulling him back against the couch. "Have a seat!" He booms. "I'm not finished!"

Angel's head rocks back with the impact of the couch. His knees buckle and he falls into a sitting position on to the fine leather. "Dammit, Nix! Control your temper!" Angel yells out in slight pain.

Phenix gives a wicked grin and shakes his head in response. "Dear, Angel. You always say you're the older brother but look what a great role model you make! You're drunk, careless, popular, idiotic, and the list goes on!" Nix bellows with irritation.

"Why are you scolding me like our mother!?" Angel asks as he grits his teeth and narrows his eyes.

Phenix tilts his head slightly and his black hair falls to the side. "Out mother?" He asks. "We never knew our real mother." He says. He looks down at his hand and frowns. "I don't know if you noticed, but Beth and Vince are clearly not our real parents. C'mon Angel, face it, if they were like us they would have told us, plus we look nothing like them." His voice was calm but the truth was a tough pill to swallow, even for Nix who has never said these words aloud before.

Angel's eyes widen and he shakes his head in denial. Beth and Vince are not their parents? Angel didn't buy it, he couldn't. "W-why didn't they tell us?" He asks with a wavering voice.

Nix looks up into his brother's eyes that glowed in darkness and beamed in light. The boy on the couch before him looked as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were wide and his mind absolutely frantic. Phenix let go of a sigh because the truth saddened him as well. "why would they?" He asked. "Why tell us we were adopted when you can fake a blood bond?"

Angel looked down at his hands which clutched at his knees. "I understand. I know it's the truth. I know that much, but what about our real parents?" He asked glancing up at his brother who wasn't there. He was gone. Angel's eyes drifted beside him to find his twin brother at his side. He hadn't heard him move. That was one of Nix's talents.

"Ah, that is the million dollar question. What happened to our real parents? Did they abandon us? Was it for good reasons? Or did they think we were devil's spawn like how people at school treat me? Were they like us? With this power?" Phenix rambled about possible questions about their real parents which he desperately wanted to know the truth about.

Angel stared at the wall as the first hot tear rolled down his cheek. "Nix," he said "should we tell mom and dad?" He asked.

Phenix pondered the question. He had been speculating the truth for a while now but saying it was admitting it to the world. He couldn't let the world know, at least not yet. He still relied on Beth and Vince for their endless love. Without them he would be in ruins crumbled on his hands and knees taking all the crap he was given by the other teens at school. He couldn't do that. "Angel," he said. "I believe it would be best if we kept this between us, at least until we confirm it."

Angel sighed and whipped his tears away. "You're probably right." He admitted. He scarcely admitted that Nix was ever right but he didn't have much evidence disproving him.

"Demon!" Nix summoned the young adult black lab. A tall lean dog came out of its cage and bowed in a stretching motion. His jet black fur gleamed brightly underneath the artificial light. He stalked over to Phenix and laid his big head in the boy's lap. He gave a small huff sound. "You'll still love me no matter who or what I am, right Demon?" The dog gave a weak yet understanding bark. Phenix smiled and pat the dogs head.

"I'm going to bed." Angel announced. He stood up almost solider like and headed off to bed. He didn't receive much sleep with a heavy mind. Beth and Vince were the ones who raised him, and that was the important part. Angel closed his eyes and dreamt of what his real parents would be like. Brave. Loving. Powerful. So many characteristics came to mind when he thought about the perfect parent, if there was one.

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