Evil is as Evil Does

"Evil is as Evil does, so am I really the Evil one?" The woman asks with a devilish grin.

"DEMON!" The burly man yells. He grits his teeth and pulls the trigger.


5. Chapter Four


Senior year was a big year for the Danver twins. Angel was voted prom king, Phenix was the captain of the chess team. They still couldn't be more different.

Angel lazily spun a pencil around in his hand appearing bored out of his mind. The teacher blabbed away about the American Revolution.

Other people in the class room were taking notes, looking bored, doodling, or passing notes. Phenix always took his notes diligently, trying to prove he was better than his brother in any way he could, academics was an easy one. Nix shot his brother a pointed look. In return Angel stuck his tongue out.

All of the sudden a deep scraggly voice erupted through the classroom "Mr. Danvers!" It said loudly.

"Yes!" Angel and Nix responded in unison. Every teenager in the classroom shot them all kinds of looks.

"My bad," the teacher said. "Angel, go to the deans office, there is a new student you must show around. Her name is Macy Hinderson."

"Yes sir!" Angel said giving a mock solute with his left hand. He bolted up and headed for the door.

The teacher released a long irritated sigh. He was clearly happy to get that clown out of his classroom.

Nix thought he was better suited for the job than his dramatic, tasteless, brainless brother. The truth is only Angel could have a hope at making the new student actually enjoy the prison like school. He would point to the cafeteria and say, 'And that, my friend, is where the magic happens!'. Nix shook his head getting that horrible truth out of his mind and American history in.

Angel pushed the doors open to the dean's office and strode over to the desk lady. She was middle aged and wore bug eye glasses. Her grey hair was pulled into a bun so tight that it pulled her penciled in eyebrows up. "Hello, Mrs. Steiner." He said in his 'I'm a good well behaved kid' voice, even though that wasn't exactly true.

"Angel." She acknowledged him and gave him an 'I know your tricks now mister' look. "What do you want?" She asked with a wiry voice.

"Macy Hinderson." Angel said elongating her name.

Mrs. Steiner raised an already too high eyebrow. "There. Give her a tour of the facility." The woman's eyes were fixed on the benches behind him. She gestured where she looked and went back to her work on the computer.

Angel nodded and turned his head. His eyes landed on a short slender girl sitting nervously on the cushioned bench. Her hair was pink and cropped just below her shoulders. Her pink side bangs covered one eye and half of her rectangular shaped glasses. Her uncovered bright green eye shifted to meet Angel's. Her legs uncrossed and she knotted her hands together. She wore a black skirt and a long sleeved shirt. Her cheeks burned red underneath a light shower of freckles.

Angel walked up to her. He tilted his head slightly. She was cute in a quirky way. "I'm Angel." He said.

She blinked. "Yes you are." Her voice drifted off. She shook her head. "I mean, yeah, that's your name. I'm Macy."

Angel gave a crooked grin and stretched out his hand to help her up. "C'mon let's go." Her eyes flickered from his hand to his eyes. She took his hand.

The moment their skin touched Angel's hand pulsed with some sort of electric vibe. It wasn't a pleasant nor unpleasant feeling. He furrowed his eyebrows and stared down at the joined hands.

Macy's eyes were wide and staring at Angel without really looking at him. Once she was standing she snatched her hand away. "I know what you are." She whispered and darts for the door.

"Macy!" Angel jogged after her, desperately wanting to know what she knew. Wait, how did she know in the first place? Angel glanced at Mrs. Steiner who eyed him curiously.

"Men…" she muttered under her breath and turned back to her work.

Angel caught Macy by the arm just outside the dean's office. She tried to pull away but it was no use. "Macy wait!" Angel pleaded. "Please tell me!" He practically begged.

Macy stopped pulling. "Wait, you don't know?" She asked with a shocked expression. "What about your parents? Didn't they tell you?" She raised an eyebrow.

Angel sighed and dropped her arm. "My parents don't know. I was adopted and so was my twin brother. We found out for ourselves." He said solemnly still pleading with his eyes.

"Oh, I see." She said slowly. "Wait! There's another one of you!?" Her eyes widen and she reaches up to push her glasses closer to her eyes.

Angel nods. "Yep. He's nothing like me." He says proudly.

Macy rolled her eyes in response. "What can you do so far?" She asked skeptically.

Angel smirked and raked his fingers through his jet black hair. "All kinds of things. We can bend fire, push people or things without touching them, and my favorite, unlocking my locker." He answered ethusiastically.

Macy gives a weak smile. "Show me." She insisted.

Angel focused on the nearest locker and narrows his eyes. "Lock, unlock." He said with one breath. There was a click and the lock tumbler to the ground. The door of the locker swung open and a few papers flew out. He glanced at Macy for her reaction.

Her eyes widen. "You learned how to do that without someone to teach you!?" She asked.

"Just my brother." Angel answered. "So, can you please tell me what I am?" He asked. His blue eyes gave a tingling feeling signaling that they are glowing.

"Your eyes!" She exclaimed. Macy's green eyes widened.

Angel looked down and covered his eyes. "They tend to do that." He said.

A bell sounded and the feet of rowdy teenagers echoed through the halls. Their distant chattering filled their ears. Angel's eyes stopped glowing and he looked up at Macy. She had a nervous expression on her face and shifted uncomfortably. "Meet me at Corbin's year-round Halloween shop tonight at 10:00pm sharp. I'll tell you what I can. Forget the tour, I already know where everything is." With that she turned and walked away, her pink hair flowing behind her.

Angel smiled. Both him and Phenix will have their answers soon. He stuck his hands in his jacket pocket and walked away.

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