Troubles during a picnic

about three friends and there dog who go for picnic and get in to trouble there


1. starting our packing

I rather pride myself on packing because I can pack it then any other person living.My friends Nandan and Philomen are one of the worst packers in the world.I offered them to carry out the packing for the picnic myself they readily accepted it, I was really surprised.        it took longer than i thought but i finally finished it after 10 in the night but Philomen indicating my boots and said "won`t you pack that????" and let one of his irritating senseless chuckles , it made me wild .Then i put my boots in the bag and finally finished packing again.Then i had a horrible thought whether i had packed it or not ???? that was taunts me when i am travelling. Then i had to turn out the entire contents of my bag thrice i searched carefully  and  i finally finished the packing of clothes. but there was hampers to do still that`s when my friends Nandan and Philomen said they would do the hampers and i said ok " you two carry on i  will get some rest"i said and i sat on the sofa. They started with light hearted spirit Philomen put, the jam on top of the tomato and squashed it Nandan broke a few cups and saucers but that was the beginning ,and Nandan stamped some cookies and cakes and Philomen  trod-ed on the butter and Nandan put the butter on the empty chair and Philomen sat on it and they went all around the room and finally found it stuck on Philomen`s back. throgh all this our dog,Roger put its leg i the strawberry jam worried the teaspoons dirtied the room all over the room pretended the lemons to rays and killed three of them before Nandan put a stop to it. One thing about our dog its ambition is to get in the way of  people and be shouted and have things thrown at his he feels the day has not been wasted  we finished a little after 1 o clock and we all went upstairs to sleep

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