Your perfect to me ( larry fanfic)

What happens when two best friends become more than friends

What happens when the boys find out?

" your prefect to me no matter what i love you" ~harry styles ( ziam)


1. becoming friends

Louis is 16( just in this story) and he is in high school and he loves it there and he has a lot of friends but he hates his classes. He especially hates math witch was his first period of the day. He was lisitening well pretending to when our principal Mr. Higgins came and with a curly brown haired boy next to him. Mr. Price this harry styles he is your new student where can he sit he asked he can sit my mr. Tomlinson. OMG did he really just say that. He was cute but looked shy in side. He sat down next to me and he said hi and I said hi what's your first name he asked I said Louis he said cute name and I blushed. Math was over and I had English next and I asked harry what his next class was and he said English. I looked at his schedule and we had all classes with me. Just follow me were I go because we have all classes together. So do I like this school he asked I said it's okay. Well since we have all classes together want to be friends he asked I said sure why not.

It's was now the last class of the day and it was my elective which he had and it was a singing class that I loved a lot. We walk in to see ms.greensday talking to the kids I sit down and harry goes to her and tells her his name and sits down next to me and and my friend Jamie said he cute and I just laughed. Harry didn't talk much during the class but I didn't push him to talk to me or anything.

After school I asked him where does he live and he said Martin grove cool I live in groves at sunset I said he said cool maybe you can help me with my homework. He is so cute I said to my self.

What he doesn't know but all my friends know like niall and Liam and zayn know that I am gay, but they don't know I have a crush on the new kid.

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