Dont really know what this is but it's been kinda stuck at the back of my mind for a while. As the title suggests, it's all about how people interpret various situations differently.


3. Going Back

When I got up the next day the sun was shining and it made everything seem better. For about 2 seconds. I couldn't be bothered to look respectable so i just scraped my hair into a ponytail and threw on leggings and a random top. It wasn't until I got downstairs that I realised it was one of Stick's so I was thankful that his tree was gone. I sat down and read through the letter once again.

Dear Marie,

A lot has happened since you ran away. Relatively small things, like Jessie starting her 9th year at school and also very big things that affect all of us. I miss you and I want you to come back. I regret every single harsh word that I said to you and although she doesn't say it, I know that Jessie does too. I don't know if you will get this letter but  I hope you do because you deserve to know. Your father was murdered 2 weeks ago. His funeral is in a month's time and i know that you probably still hate him, but i want you to come anyway. If you go to our old home a week before the funeral then I will meet you there. We live in an apartment now that there's just the 2 of us, but you're welcome to stay here for as long as you would like. We love you and we miss you. I hope that now your father is gone, there's nothing to stop you from returning to us. Please come back.

With all my love, Andrea Winters (Mum) xx

"Your chewing your nails again." I looked up and Stick was standing in the doorway holding a plate of food. "Breakfast" I dug in while he read it. "Are you going to go?" I nearly choked on my blueberry pancakes. "You cannot be serious!" I gasped, gulping some juice. " I don't care if he's dead!" Stick looked mildly surprised at my answer. "But he's your family and your mother said that she missed you. I think you should do what she wants." My mouth dropped open. "I hate them! I have no reason to go back." I shrank back as Stick suddenly leapt up and knocked the plate from my hand "You have every reason to go! Andrea and Jessie love you and want you back! You may not care that he's dead, but they certainly do! You have the responsibility to comfort them, whether they have hurt you in the past or not! Just be glad that you have a family to go back to!" he yelled. With that he turned and stormed from the room, leaving me staring after him in shock and dismay.

I packed my backpack and left an hour later. As much as I hated to admit it, Stick had a point. Andrea and Jessie were my family, and they deserved a second chance, if nothing else. My hometown was miles and miles away but I wasn't worried about traveling because a couple of years ago, Wind gave me a Lupa. There is nothing in the normal world to compare Lupa to, but they're probably what you would get if you crossed a wolf with a horse. The tree nymphs use them to travel long distances and Wind said I should probably have one so I wouldn't have to walk every time that me and Stick changed safe houses. My Lupa is a female and I named her Moonshine because the thick soft fur that coated her muscle - bound body was the palest of greys that turned white when in the light of the moon. I was going to ride her to my hometown and then send her back, considering the locals probably wouldn't take to me if I rode an invisible beast. Guilt stalked me as I swung myself into Moonshine's black leather saddle. I had decided against telling Stick partly because I knew that he was still angry but also because I didn't think my pride would allow me to stand his gloating at winning our argument. A lonely silence hung around me like a curtain as I wound my fingers into Moonshine's fur and set off for the place I had been running from for five years.

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